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Really interesting post, for those of us who don't know what it's like. I hope you get a gig you really enjoy someday soon. :)


Oh you actors have all the fun! *snort*


Hey! I actually have a spin up. I know!, there must be some sort of cosmic disturbance. http://michele-dogslife.blogspot.com/2013/04/spin-cycle-molly-ivins-quotes.html


I've never been a professional actress but I used to go on auditions when I was younger. I was never cast in any of the commercials or sitcoms (still angry over my friend being told she was the most talented girl they'd seen but she was too dark to play the role of Vanessa's friend on the Cosby Show.)

It's not glamorous, I know, but it still seems so damned interesting!


I am reminded of the Murphy's Lawness of your audition the morning we met up. Hope you get the one you had to actually act in. It has been fun identifying you in the commercials you've had since I started following.


i really enjoyed this snapshot into your life. so far from the one i live. no, not as glamorous but intriguing nonetheless. keep following your heart! :)

Mo @ The Baby Is Fine

this was very interesting, thanks for sharing! sounds quite headache-inducing indeed. i live in LA too (culver city) and i always wonder what's going on in those studios! :)


I realized acting isn't glamorous when I did some work as an extra for a tv show I was working on doing props. I've never wanted to be an actor, but there's nothing like laying in a freezing cold river in your underwear, pretending to be a dead body, to take the shine off.

Tina Erickson

much respect, girl!


Really enjoyed hearing a day in your life. Have to agree some of the paces they put you through & that chair are headache qualified.


We attended the taping of a sitcom pilot on Tuesday night and seriously, I scanned the faces of all the actresses looking for you. Because that would have been simultaneously awesome and weird.

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