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No, I totally agree with you about the 24 hour media conflating the problem, and I'd add in the internet and now social media where suddenly everyone is a "reporter." I mean, you have online news sites and what used to be newspapers asking readers to send their own pictures in of the event (whatever event). Like 30 years ago, we would have laughed at the idea that a picture somebody took with their telephone made the front page of the New York Times, but here ya go.

I have to say, I think The Onion really killed it this week. Their parody was spot-on all week. I loved their "Breaking news" feed, which was this:
BREAKING: Still Nothing
BREAKING: Has The Word 'Breaking' Lost All Its Meaning?
BREAKING: Can Anyone Ever Truly Know Anything? What Is The Truth?
BREAKING: How's Everyone Doing?
BREAKING: We Might Be Doing A Bad Job
BREAKING: Do You Think We're Doing A Good Job?
BREAKING: We're Doing A Bad Job

Which pretty much totally sums up every major news outlet for the last 5 days.

Jan's Sushi Bar

YES. To EVERYTHING you said.


We didn't even turn on the news. My feelings on 24 hour news is the same as my feelings on violent movies; I won't give you my time or money in the hopes that you will stop making these types of things." Has it worked...no. Am I okay with still hoping...YES!

 Elizabeth Aquino

I'm with you. I never "watch" the news and prefer to listen to it on the radio; however, even those talking heads drive me insane after a certain interval. There's always so much hypothetical talk and people just talking off the tops of their heads or thinking aloud. I'm glad that week is over, but I have to agree that the world has always known such violence -- and such beauty.

By the way, the movie about Jackie Robinson and what he endured is another reason to feel grateful for the world we live in now.

janice adcock

I watched the news this week and looked on line at the pictures of West. We always stop in West for wonderful kolaches on our way to or from Austin. But most of my time was spent on the spa project our church put on today. The women who came had walked up the street from where the live, a battered women's shelter. Giving love to those women was the best antidote to the horrors of the week. And one of the crummiest horrors is the media's obsession of being in the middle of everything because there is an audience for the talking heads.


I have to agree - as a society (at least in our nation, and in many like ours), we are far LESS violent than our species used to be. I am reading my way through some of Phillipa Gregory's books that I missed - the ones during the Wars of the Roses - and yes, we are FAR less violent than the kings, queens, and common folk of the 15th century. And far less violent than what's still happening in many places around the world.

It doesn't make these events any less tragic, of course, but it does provide some perspective. Glennon, at Momastery, had a wonderful essay about it all earlier this week, too.


I tend to listen to the radio more than watch tv news. I don't know when I noticed this preference, but I think it's because I'd rather absorb and create my own visual before actually seeing live images. Last week, I didn't want to see anything. And yet I couldn't get away from it (nor did I really want to because I don't believe turning a blind eye is fair.) Working in a government building, the tv's are turned to CNN at all times. At home, I'm glad to be more in control, especially with the kids.

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