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 Elizabeth Aquino

Oh, Happy Happy Birthday to you! All the more reason for a get-together this week! Let's talk tomorrow. Until then, I have no idea about Google Reader. It gives me agita. I read a gazillion blogs, but they're all on my own blog sidebar, so I just click on them every day -- some a couple of times a day. When a new post goes up, the rotate up to the top of the sidebar. It works for me --


I've never used Google Reader or if I have I've lost track of it long ago. I use the reader that comes with Blogger. If that is the one that is going away I'm sunk.

Happy Birthday! You look Marvelous!

Judy Ring

Happy Birthday, Gretchen! I do use Google Reader and this news is not good. Google is how I keep up with all my blogs. And I don't blog myself, so I don't have a handy sidebar to remind me to read my blogs. But I do have 2 sons in the computer industry and I am going to nag them mercilessly until one of them gives me a solution. I hope your day celebrating 143 trips around the sun is as amazing as you are - and, yes, you are still stunning. As TLo would say, WERQ it, Girl!

The Bug

Happy birthday!! You DO look good for your age (actually you just look good for any age. I kind of hate you. Not really!!).

I used Google Reader because I follow a blue million blogs - I'd never be able to manage them with the blogger dashboard. I've imported my blogs into feedly, but I haven't played around with it yet. Sounds like it will be loads of fun!

Someone else suggested Bloglovin - but I haven't even looked at it yet. Sigh.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Happy Birthday, Gretchen! Since we're about the same age (I'm 140), I'd say you're looking quite good. I, on the other hand, look like a greying, tired, Droopy Dog.

As for Google Reader...yeah, I use it and I'm rather stressing about it being yanked in July. My blog is so tied to Google, what with Feedburner and AdSense and Analytics, it makes me nervous - what are they going to pull out from under me next??

I'll tell you what, though - I'll go sign up for Feedly and when I figure out how to add a new feed (beyond their recommended sites), I'll shoot you off an email.


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday! I wish you could hear me singing (I'm quite talented!) May I call you so you too can hear the goodness of my happy voice?

Oh, the Reader. I am sighing. Heavily. Dramatically, actually. Also, ugh. I use the reader (well, I use the dashboard from my old blogger platform which is going away too as in it won't accept the feeds anymore.) Feedly and Blog Lovin' are all I'm hearing about but I haven't looked at either (heard Feedly is easily navigable while BL will let you comment through its interface without going to the actual blog? Not sure what that does for stats if people are into that.) I do hope something worthwhile jumps in because subscribing by email is NOT the way I want to go.

Ginny Marie

I'm trying to figure out what to do, too! I'm on Bloglovin', but I haven't actually done any thing with it, and I'm not sure I even like it yet.
Here's my profile if you want to see it: http://www.bloglovin.com/lemondroppie

This month has been so crazy; it seems like every social media site has decided to change things around! It's so hard to keep up.


Happy birthday!
I use the dashboard for blogger. I'm watching to see what comes up as the best reader.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

tina erickson

Happy Birthday to you you you you!!!!


I signed up for Feedly - I didn't try add/delete yet. Why does Google keep doing this? It is getting rid of my iGoogle pages too. :(


Happy birthday!I hope you have an excellent birthday!

I too use reader and have no idea what to use. It seems like so many people use it but they said it was going away due to lack of use. I call BS!

Sarah at 32Flavors

Happy birthday!!

I don't know what I'm going to do without Google Reader. It's just plain mean. Are they just bitter about google+ not killing Facebook?

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