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I tried the growing out my hair thing...finally got it cut after basically 7 months :-) I couldn't do it anymore, and yes, telling the same story, I know that drives T crazy all the time!


I never have any rubber bands so you could pass them on! By the way, I have a late spin, but it's hot off the grill... http://curlygirlmusic.com/


The mailman used to deliver our mail with a rubber band around it. Every day, six days a week. That resulted in lots of stray rubber bands, because you don't just throw out perfectly good rubber bands. We now have at least two surviving rubber band balls haunting around our house. Cracked rubber and all. You are not the only one!
I'm working on growing out my hair--just a couple more inches. Makes braiding it for camping far easier.


I do save rubber bands those they just clump at the bottom of my junk drawer. Might have to try the band them into a ball thing. And I always apologize to the people I run with regularly, I know they have heard so many of the same stories over and over. And it is possible to learn to say "no." I have. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I say it too much.


OK, by the time I got to tofu I was howling with laughter. Whyyyyyyyyyy can't we stop doing silly things we know are silly/unnecessary/NOT WORTH IT?

Ginny Marie

I keep thinking I'm going to get my Spin Cycle post written BEFORE Friday this time, and then I never do...or worse, it never gets written! (I think I can handle the Spring prompt....)

Ed always says he doesn't know where the casserole dishes go and puts them on the kitchen table after he unloads the dishwasher. I think he knows perfectly well where they go, he just doesn't want to take to the time to stack them correctly!


I know I tell the same stories over and over again. And seriously, sometimes I even hear The Smiths in my head as I'm telling them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naos7it_bl0

janice adcock

You are so funny. My husband will buy rubber bands just to make sure we have enough! As our great minds run the same at times, I already had a spring thing running around in my empty mind.

this is the link. http://jadcock.blogspot.com/2013/03/veils-of-moss.html

Mo @ The Baby Is Fine

you are so funny.

yes, your hair was glorious indeed (I'm sorry to say that ever since you posted the "10 reasons you should be glad I didn't blog in my 20s" post with all the old modeling shots, that is the ONLY way I can envision you!! I imagine you in that christmas apron at all times). it really is unfortunate that our hair changes as we age, isn't it? Mine used to be big and annoying, but at least the curls were ringlets and, with the proper products, could be tamed into something sort of pretty. Now, my hair is just big and annoying and frizzy and wild, with nary a ringlet to be seen.

and tofu is gross. "edible" is as good as it's gonna get - you should be proud that you're able to make something edible out of it, at least.

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