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I also made an amazing corned beef this year. Love that stuff.

Sorry the movie was a bust. But hey, at least you got out for a bit, right?


Oz WAS bad and I really thought it was going to be better. Franco was bad, the three women were bad; all bad! Happy belated b-day. I seem to know A LOT of people (IRL and bloggers) with March birthdays; weird. Also, that breakfast looks amazing!

Stacy Uncorked

I'm so glad you had such an awesome birthday - and Jimmy sure did treat you right! He's a keeper! :) And yes, I'm pretty sure there's an exception to the rule of Lent on your birthday. ;)

To my recollection, I've never had corned beef! I'm not a cabbage lover, though I do like a friend's cabbage rolls, so I think maybe, just maybe I'll have to try this recipe out! :)

Princess Nagger and I were thinking about going to see Oz - but now maybe we'll wait until it comes out on DVD. She's REALLY looking forward to the next Hunger Games movie that will be released exactly one week after her birthday. :)

The graffiti is hysterical! :)

How cool would it be to be the artists that create fictional TV characters living spaces? And yes, she totally should have drawn in the cereal boxes. ;)


I talked about my Irish feast today on my blog :-) I have never made corned beef before so I need to try that. And your husband is awesome...can he give T some tips?


Good show, Jimmy! Well done (yes, I applauded.)

I can't get off the damn graffiti site now. Thanks for that.

As for Oz, I wasn't interested and neither was the girls so...

Jan's Sushi Bar

The minute we saw the commercials for Oz, Beloved and I cringed. I'm glad to know we didn't recoil in vain.

I laughed at your pie chart; I'm glad your birthday was a good one!


Well played Jimmy!
Wouldn't everyday be nice if that was what the pie chart looked like?
The graffiti site is hilarious!


Birthdays are awesome! And yes, the 'free' day totally applies during Lent. If more than 1 Catholic says it, it's true. That's my story...


Looks like an awesome breakfast! Jimmy did good.
We had a fabulous time today, thanks so much.

Michele R

Happy belated birthday, Gretchen! Glad you had a loving and peaceful day.
I saw the first season of Homeland on discs from Netflix then signed up for Showtime in January just to see season 2!

Michele R

I am back to say I just spent 30 mins on the sites about funny signs LMAO.

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