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So jealous that you got to meet Vandy. Some day I should come pick you up and we'll girl road trip it to Wy to visit with her. Because you know I love a good road trip, you've mentioned that you love a good road trip and that Jimmy is not real fond of road trips.

I have a couple of friends like your Lannyl. Those types of friendships are the best.

Amazing photographs.


I think it's cool you guys got together; I have only ever met one person from the internet and it wasn't a blogger but someone from a discussion board YEARS ago. She came to my wedding!

Rachel M.

Looking forward to checking out those links! Great finds!!

Stacy Uncorked

Squeeeeee! You got to meet Vandy in person!! Two of my favorite people in one place!! Love the pic of you two, too! :)

Sounds like you had an amazing birthday week! You deserve it! :)

LOVE that photographer's genius! Amazing! :)

Spring Snow, Easter Egg Teaser, Tulip Destructo Kitty and Purple Day: RTT Rebel

Jan's Sushi Bar

Add me to the list of those jealous that you got to meet Vandy in person!!

And now I'm off to visit another Gretchen Approved Timesuck.

I love you, you know...


It was so much fun meeting up with you! The boys loved, loved, loved the beach. Bruiser still talks about the playground. We definitely have to get together again.
Those pastries look divine!


Caregiver/Creative/Intellectual. Not sure I agree. Yet...not sure why I'd disagree.

andrea-maybe it's just me

What a fun extended celebration! thanks for the warning about the time suck--I won't go on Pinterest for fear I may never return!

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