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JT is awesome. I've seen him in a couple movies, and he's not half bad. Plus the guy can actually sing live and not many current day artists can.

Music is the background to my life. So if I used that little thingy, I'd be shit faced all day.



Braces. Ugh. My oldest is getting ready (as soon as I get mine off next month she gets hers on and yes, yes, I'm 39 damn years old still in braces. It's a long story.)

I have not enjoyed SNL that much in YEARS. And I'm sorry, Kevin Hart is usually quite giggle-inducing for me, but, were the writers on strike last week?

I say watch Jude for signs of tired that he may try to hide, but otherwise let him have at it. I feel so bad that my kids do so much of nothing. Well, Zoe has cheer three days a week but that's it.

And you know that's not a shirt suit, right? It's just a leotard. "Shirt can't pull out of pants." Um, what are they to do, pee out the side of it? It's like grown women in jumpers. I DO NOT GET THIS. Why in the hell would I want to disrobe to pee?


That's awesome about track and all that. I want my kids to be that accomplished - and motivated! My rapper name was Monsta Daddy. Um... OK! My bday is coming up and I definitely do like the FB advantage of reminding me - and others. ;)

Stacy Uncorked

OK, Crispy Mansion just isn't cool. Maybe I should go with my Un-Birthday, then it'd be Tuff Mansion instead. :)

Jude cracks me up - I wonder if Princess Nagger will utter those same words when she gets braces and forgets to brush her teeth. :)

Yay for Jude! We knew he was star, now there's proof. And I would have been jumping up and down and cheering, too. :)

I missed SNL - luckily I can watch it on Hulu, so all is not lost!

That - ahem - shirt is uh, interesting. Or scary. Yeah, we'll go with scary.


Monsta Sparkle backs up your mother's belief in the Lenten birthday dispensation. My mother told me the exact same thing! JT is the real deal, by the way.


Turbo is coming up on finishing this currant session of swim club. We are taking some time off after this.
I'm just going to miss your birthday, which just happens to be my brother's birthday. I'll wish you a belated birthday next week in person.
Until then, Baby Shawty says keep it real!

Jan's Sushi Bar

I'm Crispy Shawty - that SO does not sound even remotely gansta/rapper. It sounds like a weird vegan donut.

That...shirt thing. Words fail me. Congratulations again.

You know, I think someone has a birthday next week and needs a Facebook gift. :P


My rapper name is Bubble Pop, which I kinda like.

I finally got that honey citron tea stuff from the Korean market that you recommended a long time ago. It's good, except for when you drink down to the strings of citrus. I think it might end up as marmalade on my toast!

Happy Birthday in advance!!

Ginny Marie

Sign me up for that fashion catalog! Wow.

I do like Jude's braces. Lily will probably need them when she's Jude's age, so I'll follow along with Jude's white spots! ;)


14 chicken tacos?! That is insane. But running and swimming will do that to you. Or so I've read about Michael Phelps' ridiculous 12,000 calorie diet.

And JT was amazing on SNL. And the fact that so many people came back for the show made it even better. Love the 3 Amigos!

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