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Single Mom in the South

Oh, you've met my boyfriend's ex wife? Please come back and visit and read my post from Monday and you'll see what I mean! :-)


Ha, love it! Especially the FB one :-)


Now see, advice columns are my guilty pleasure. I love reading about clueless people and the truly messed up people and feeling better about myself because there is no way I'm that messed up.


I am with Vandy--I love advice columns. Maybe you should start that on the side with us lowly blog-readers sending in our dilemnas!


Ginny Marie

Sing it, sister! (Oh, wait that's next week's prompt.)

Dear Gretchen,

Have you ever thought of writing your own advice column? You give great advice!


A Fan

Ann Harrison

I would totally read your advice column. Looking forward to "Song"!

So glad I found you through Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

Janice Adcock

Great job of advising. I do not even recommend places to pee anymore as there is always someone who has a better idea. So I just keep my advise to myself. And I have been on vacation! Another Jeep road trip. I do have a song ready to be shared. And belated happy BD.

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