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Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

Oh, that was not "perfectly boring" at all! So glad you had the pic to go with! 1975...the year of the pizza place! Thanks so much for joining in and sharing!

Jan's Sushi Bar

Oh, I'm willing to bet they knew about the party. Y'all must have not done much damage to the house. ;)


I had one when I was about six or so, and the thing is hilarious to read. No teenage diary, though. I consider my blog my "journal" of sorts. I'm never good at keeping actually diaries :-)

Rebecca Green Gasper

I love the entries straight out of the diary itself- pics and all! So very cool! :)

 Elizabeth Aquino

Hilarious -- and only a bit painful. What strikes me is that YOU shine through these pages. So weird how we stay the same yet also become who we are.

Amy Sonnichsen

This is great. I've been reading a lot of my own entries lately to get ready for this blog fest, and honestly, some of mine could have been interchanged with yours. I'm noticing a trend of longing to be different & also wondering what boys think about us. ha! Thanks so much for joining the hop!


Bill Bixby, huh?


How fun. My early diary was like yours. Little one or two line snippets. Then the older ones filled with this and that also, like yours.

Sounds like you did a lot of partying in those years. :)


I love those go-go boots. And judging by Robbie's pants, he was clearly a player. No wonder you had a crush on him! ;)


Those are great entries! I found my diary when my mom gave me a bunch of stuff that was left at her house from my childhood. All so embarassing!

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