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the princess blogger

Mortifying!!! So glad they were only 7!


At least it was just little kids...I would have been mortified!

Ginny Marie

Oh, that is just too funny! Plus, I think you are the perfect book mommy! What a great way to volunteer!


Oh boy. I don't even want to consider Jude seeing that. At school. And at least it was the littler kids (they're heavy gigglers anyway.) I would love to volunteer in my kids' school library (beats the classroom because be honest: some kids need their parents to go to school WITH them!)

Mama Melch

Too funny! I think I would have reacted by saying something like, "What, you don't like my tail?"


This is why I only volunteer for the field trips. Turbo like to have us along for those.
Thank goodness they were the little ones.
My spin is up:


Who knows you could have created a new fashion statement! NO, that never would have happened, not even with six year olds!
Here's my spin http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/things-i-dont-usually-tell-on-myself/


Funny how embarrassing that is even with 7 year olds! Glad you had someone there to warn you!


OMG. I walked around with my zipper undone the other night at school. I don't think anyone noticed, but for some reason I reached down to my scarf and felt it. Mortified. :(

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