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I think I like the last quote best :-) Though I have to admit that Corinthians reading was read at our wedding, too.

Here's my spin for the week! http://viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2013/02/true-love.html

Ginny Marie

I love this! We read that Bible passage at our church a couple of weeks ago, too, and the pastor preached about how it talks about much more than romantic love.

I'm one of the eye-rollers at weddings when it's read, and I refused to read it at our wedding. But it's a great passage; I need to look at it through different eyes.

Here's my love link:

Jan's Sushi Bar

Unfortunately, sometimes the best kind of love you can give someone is tough love. I need to buck up and do it, I just don't know if I'm up to it. *sigh*


It's that patience part I have a hard time with. I'm working on it and I'm doing better.

janice adcock

Great take on love and how life experience brings meaning to eternal truths.

janice adcock

oops, forgot to tell you my post on love was ready.


It is definitely something that gets better with age, that ability to actively love. Like you, I would get angry, wear my irritation right on my face, show it in my words and actions. And with time, I've learned that my acknowleding the assholery yet not allowing it to take over or alter ME, things wound up better. (The Groening quote is great, of course.)

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