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LOL @ the math comment. Sadly, my child is the opposite. He loves math but says he hates writing, which breaks my English masters-holding heart. The Richard III thing was super cool, right? And yay, go Ravens!


I thought it was awesome that they identified Richard by DNA. How cool is that?


I admit to being intrigued by Richard III's body being found. Some things never cease to amaze me and basic science/archaeology is one of those things.

The maths. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!(says the woman who helps not w/math homework but waits for daddy to come home.)

The chicken cartoon did make me giggle. I am not embarrassed. And oh, Baltimore. While yes, whenever I visit I am afraid for my life and my car, I love it so because of The Wire. Did I ever tell you my husband was an extra in one episode?

Jan's Sushi Bar

The most hysterical thing I've read on Facebook in weeks pertained to the remains of Richard III. First was a post with a sign reading, "This is a Park and Display car park. Please pay at ticket machine. No burying of dead monarchs."

The first comment was:

"SO, in addition to being labeled a hunchbacked, lame-armed, utterly bloodthirsty bastard by popular fiction, now Richard Third, (Dick Cubed to his close friends,) has almost 520 years worth of unpaid parking tickets? Man! Uneasy lies the head the wears the crown!"

And you're right - Dick had quite the serious underbite, didn't he?


Hailing from Stacy Uncorked HI Nice to meet ya! Apollo is beautiful, I have a black lab we call "Baby". Yes she's spoiled. Your chicken joke is hysterical too. Finding bones just doesn't do it for me. How do they really know that is who they say it it? Weird. Have a great day!


Saw that Chemistry one, but I love the librarian humor! Too funny!

 Elizabeth Aquino

You forgot to mention the evidence that Richard III got a knife word to the "BUT-TOCKS" (said in your best BBC newscaster accent) -- something historians have determined might have happened after his death when he was thrown over a horse's back as the ultimate humiliation.


The whole Richard III thing intrigues me. Now the countdown is one until the History channel or Discovery channel airs a special.
Turbo loves math. He thinks he is really good at it. He doesn't like to read. He getting better at reading. I don't like helping with math. The way they do things now is just weird.

Janice Adcock

You make me cry, you make me laugh and since the bladder lift in December I just shoot coffee out my nose and no other orifice when I read your excellent blog. Latest fav quote from a 6 year old grandson. Dad, I may grow up to be a penguin. Look at these hairs on my arm. If they turn black and white, I'll be a penguin." Gotta love kids and sweet dogs!

Julie Maloney  (@Momspective)

I have a cat named Apollo! Totally named mine after Battlestar Galactia. I adore football and that's why I watched the game (AWESOME game) and you're right. The commercials weren't impressive save for the Bud one. I cried at that one.


About the last cartoon...we had chickens and ducks for several years. Sometimes our chickens would lay enormous eggs and be plucked bald. We concluded that our male duck was playing footsie with the chickens and he liked it rough.

Sarah at 32Flavors

I was excited about Richard. In high school our drama team went to the state one act play festival with King Richard III, and I was a costume/makeup/backstage chippie. Fantastic memories.

Janice Adcock

Well, my spin for the week is ready.


Love the King Richard story. Just goes to show how young our country really is. No ancient, dead monarchs lying around to be stumbled upon. Dammit. That would be cool.

That chicken cartoon hurts every time I see it!

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