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Terra Heck

I don't watch the awards shows but like to read People magazine to get the lowdown on who won what and who wore what. Kristen Stewart is probably my least favorite actress of all time. Ever since Heidi split from Seal, it seems she's been baring all.

Michele R

I've been looking forward to your recap, and.....I agree with everything you've said!
Poor Daniel Radcliff for having to be next to Kristen.
Charlize looked great too.
Where were the Jolie-Pitts this year?
Why is Jennifer Garner also in the news, i.e. People, etc?
I think Renee got all that work done cuz people made fun of her face. I always liked her acting.
I hardly recognize Catherine Z-Jones due to her changing face over the years.


LOL I am right there with you on so many things: McFarlane, the guys with ugly long hair, and yeah, Stewart was most definitely high. Though, her face always looks like she just woke up from a long sleep after being hit by a tranq gun. So there's that... All in all, it wasn't a bad show but not that great either. I liked when Hugh Jackman hosted.


Since, I rarely keep up with these things I totally depend on you for the inside scoop. I did watch a little of the Oscars after Antiques Roadshow was over (I have priorities). I agree with you, That Stewart woman should not have even gone. She looked like she was bored, drunk and stupid all at once. There were a couple of other actresses (I have no clue who they are) where My first thought was: back away from the Botox sister.

Stacy Uncorked

I always adore your recap of the awards! Especially since I find myself nodding in agreement to EVERYTHING you say. :) And Kristen Stewart has become one hot mess, hasn't she? Renee Zellweger really does need to lay off the botox - she's losing her 'fresh face' look that was so 'her'. Melissa McCarthy is beautiful but she TOTALLY needs to fire her stylist. STAT.

Art Show Yawn-Fest, Funny Princess Nagger, Baby Bear Rescue and Michele Obama Dancing – Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel


I don't watch the Oscars, but I love looking at what was worn, and the snark that can come with it.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I absolutely HATE the way Melissa McCarthy dresses. She could do SO much for plus-size fashion, and she has hideous taste in clothes. Just AWFUL.

As usual, words fail me when confronted with Ms. Bonham Carter. And Kristen Stewart looks like her dress is coming unzipped, and she's trying to keep it from falling off.


Do you know...I missed it!!! Argh!! Couldn't skip choir rehearsal, cuz we have a concert this week. Talk about heartbroken. Today's goal? Do All the Laundry, and find a rebroadcast. I'm hoping they made it easy on me and put in On Demand. (No, we don't have DVR...or even a VCR anymore. Dagnabbit.)

Love your recap as always. I look forward to it every year!

Julie Maloney  (@Momspective)

I still have yet to watch it on my DVR so this was a cool summary for me!


I didn't watch more than the bits I saw when I padded through the basement where the girls and my husband were watching (and he was only watching for them and they were only watching for the gowns.) I don't, nor do I attempt to, get Kristen Stewart. I only kinda/sorta agree about Quvenzhané Wallis. I think there's still time to intervene. I don't see many major roles, let alone starring roles in her immediate future, but by the time she's 12 or so, I do. And I would hope that her mama got to work on the rigors of the business and what it means to have places like The Onion (which I normally adore) refer to you as a c_nt, even in jest. I loved the FLOTUS was there; it seemed like fun to her. I've heard that she had an "agenda" mentioning troops, but overall I thought it a nice surprise. And if you're gonna have the first lady, the first lady, whoever she is, should be doing the biggest award of the night. I agree on all your fashion pics, good and bad (especially Jessica Chastain WHOOOO LAWD her whole look was beautiful (although I do think Amy Adams was a bit too Cinderelly-ish.)) And Ben's comment about marriage I took to mean he is acknowledging the work that marriage is rather than have people believe oh we're happy all the time, it's a nod to something we choose to do, live with another person, and all that goes into making that work, especially in Hollywood. It seemed heartfelt and...right.

andrea-maybe it's just me

I went to bed after the first award was presented and have not seen any post Oscar chatter until yours, and I loved it! It was the perfect amount of info for me to have. A few flags for what clips might be worth my viewing...thank you!

janice adcock

Agree on so many of the observations. We were picking up a friend from the airport so missed the fall.
My spin is ready if you want it. http://jadcock.blogspot.com/2013/02/sometime-i-should-be-arrested.html


I am so sick of Kristen Stewart. She needs to get over herself. And I thought Jennifer Hudson rocked her weight watchers bod! I'm hoping that that's what my weight watchers bod looks like in a few years!

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