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Jude's teacher is brilliant.
I know you have a virus. What I did was go to the uninstall programs in the control panel. Uninstall anything that was installed right before you noticed this problem. Restart you computer. If that doesn't solve it you will have to take it in.
I love the family circle site.
Let her have it Carolyn.


in solidarity i type capsless. i love carolyn hax and read her constantly (because i swipe the paper from random offices whenever i can. huh. i don't like this having to hit shift for the parentheses. ugh.) i looooooove the 1950's question/answer and boy oh boy is the funeral thing creepy. i imagine a sinister old mortician rubbing his embalmy hands together. and i don't like the noise it makes.


Planning a funeral has totally not so romantic overtones to it, right?! It seems all stalkerish/obsessive to me. EWWWWW!

Jan's Sushi Bar

I've had issues with the advice in the Dear Carolyn column before (I think I once wrote a post blasting her, many years ago), and again she disappoints. She does not even BEGIN to relate what it's like to be the SAHM of small children - it's not nearly that calm and organized. Nope.


Oh man, I've read that article - soooo so so true. Friends who are childless but also selfish family members who don't understand why I don't dedicate every free moment to them.

AND, I love the cartoons. Too funny. Normally I can't stand Family Circus, but this one I can get on board with.


Man...my Valentine's Day was nowhere near as romantic as planning my funeral. Dang!

And here is my spin for this week!


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