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Hollow tree ventures

You're killing me with the modeling and the cats - sooo funny! But please tell me that last one never happened in real life! Ah, the injustice.


I must say, this is one of your best. I laughed, I cried (for alas, I fell prey to the shoulder pads and have some embarrassing modeling photo shots from the '80s) and I loved the cat photos. You are always funny and outspoken, but this hit the mark.

Michele R.

You totally OWNED this writing prompt! I wonder too-what if I had a blog when I was younger, or even when I had babies and toddlers.
I bet the song writer still thinks of you...


Yeah, As If!

Mama Melch

Outstanding post! I would have totally followed your blog back then too.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I'm impressed you can *remember* your twenties - you've a better memory than I. Of course, when I left my first husband, he just continued to decline, so I guess there's that.


I probably would have had some posts about my cats too, now that I think about it. I didn't have an exciting modeling career to talk about though so you would have been stuck hearing about the gross bedpans I was navigating through nursing school :)


That was so funny! I snorted my coffee and while the heat won't get you, the sugar sure will. My list would have looked something like: worked, went to bar, planned mostly nekkid dinner parties, went to another bar, inadvisedly hooked up with coworkers, went to bar, adopted really stupid sibling cats. (huh, that's only 7 but truly captured my 20s. Ah, youth.)


Oh, how hard I am giggling. At least you have the face and body for modeling (and I totally would have read your blog. Like for sure.)


Awesome. So incredibly fabulous.

Inquiring minds are all wondering about the identity of your songwriter...but I'm certainly not gauche enough to ask. See? The South trained me well...


Awww. The KITTIES - and I agree that outfit is awesome.

Mo @ The Baby Is Fine

This is my all-time fave post of yours...SO classic. That first catalog shot...PLEASE tell me the outfit (and props) were part of your payment and that you reenact that scene every Christmas.

Please tell us who the boyfriend was/what band he was in. Based on the timeframe and assuming you were living in LA I have to assume it was a punk or new wave band and as a punker I am dying to know!

In all seriousness, the bushy-brow pic is gorgeous. You look so beautiful!


I love you, Joyce.

Heather Lambie (@heatherlambie)

Those pants in #8!!! Geeze. And the lighting. Is that a test shot or a torture tactic? THANK YOU for being brave enough to share. At least you're gorgeous and can carry off the bad '80s accoutrement.

Ginny Marie

My mom was totally with you on the New Coke thing! For years she embarrassed us by always ordering "Classic Coca Cola" even when New Coke didn't exist any more. ;)

My spin is up!


ar aiello

you really were stunning.............. as you still are,

the princess blogger

Oh my gosh...I miss thick eyebrows! Yours were awesome!


what's not to love about shoulder pads? I remember cutting them out of a shirt so that I could wear them in several different shirts!

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