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Ginny Marie

The girls got their flu shots back in November, and then I decided to get mine on Saturday. And I love your fluffy sweater!

We love sledding on our snow hill (man made here in the flatlands of Illinois) but this year there has been NO SNOW! It's quite disappointing.

Here's my link!



Gretchen that risotto looks ridiculously YUM. I made a simple risotto earlier this week from Barefoot Contessa (it's called Easy Parmesan Risotto and it's on the Today Show's site) where you bake the risotto (versus preparing on the stove), which makes it mostly hands off. I am thinking you could do that with this, and stir in the bacon/leek sauté just before topping with egg and serving. And the other thing that occurs to me is you could make this with grits instead of risotto, if so inclined. Thanks for posting!

Jan's Sushi Bar

We don't get flu shots for many reasons (the primary being that the only time I get the flu is when I get a flu shot), but we have been dosing, dosing, dosing with vitamin D, vitamin C, fermented cod liver oil, butter oil and zinc. Because I'm all crunchy that way.

That risotto recipe is one of the few things that can make me cry over the fact dairy is no longer part of my life. Damn, damn, damn.


FIRST THINGS FIRST: I NEED THAT SWEATER. It's not SUPPOSED to be cute; it's supposed to be fuzzy and warm and have no damns to give about fashion. I am so serious. Email me your address, I'll send you money for buying/shipping AND I WILL BE SO HAPPY AND NAME IT GEORGE. (Yes, warmth means a lot to me and if you could see the blanket I use in the office, well...)

The kids and I all got flu shots back in September/October. And in November we all got the flu.

Still haven't seen Les Miserables but I intend on doing so this weekend. I'll let you know what I think about Anne (I've heard the same about Russell though, sadly.)

And the risotto and poached eggs. My goodness I'm hungry.

Sarah at 32Flavors

Aw. You cute little Californians and your "winter." 37 degrees is about when I switch over to the light winter jacket. The puffy one comes out around 25. Monday's HIGH is supposed to be 2 degrees. After living on the plains of Minnesota, I'm still going to call this a warm winter. Any winter with all highs above 0 seems warm to me.
It seems very few of my sweaters are cute anymore. I've gone all practical. And I wear SmartWool socks every day. If my feet are warm, the rest of me feels fairly warm.
Glad the kids got some snow to play in!


I love me some Irish coffee! And candles. But yeah, I hate winter. It's supposed to be 10 degrees on Tuesday. Ten? Ugh. Is it spring yet?

Janice Adcock

Great post! The scout winter thing is called the Klondike Derby in this area. No snow this year, we fear. And Gene is ready to try the yummy sounding dish. My winter post is ready. http://jadcock.blogspot.com/

Magical Mystical Mimi

First of all, I hope you n' the hubs are feeling better and that the flu bypassed your home. I know so many people with it and it's horrible. Second, I love the sweater! It's exactly what a snuggly sweater should be. :) And I can't wait to try your risotto recipe. Being Italian I've had it many a ways but not this way and it sounds delicious! - Did I happen to mention that I love your blog?? :) - I'm so happy your son had such a great time with the snow. I love, love, love my snow and would be so bummed if I didn't have it in the winter. Can't wait for next week's "spin!" - Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Stay warm! Oh. And I'm drinking Irish coffee right now. :)

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