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Ginny Marie

My mom was a much better housekeeper than I am! The house had to be clean, and it was our job to help her on Saturday mornings. We had to vacuum the stairs and scrub the bathtubs. I shared a room with my sister, and you could tell which half was mine because she was neat and my half was a mess!

I did get my dresser cleaned off because of the Spin Cycle, though! Otherwise, it would still look like the "before" photo!

Good luck with your Lucyfying!


good for you! You can do it!


I do OK in the house keeping department. I vacuum semi regularly, the dishes are done, most of the time, the bathrooms get cleaned about once a month, laundry is done every two weeks. Turbo is keeping his room cleanish, and it's about time to start having Bruiser help clean up. I don't like the process of cleaning, but love the results. We often invite people over so we have to straighten up, it's as good an excuse as any.

I have a spin up:


What a great idea. I may just have to take a week off from work just to finish the unpacking and clean, sort and purge my house. I hate doing it on the weekends since that is OUR time.

Sarah at 32Flavors

My mom's idea of "cleaning" is swiping at a cobweb with a dirty sock on her way to the laundry. I try to do better, but it feels so much like that epostcard that's all over Pinterest, "Cleaning when your kids are in the house is like eating oreos while brushing your teeth."


I have those same kind of closets...and cabinets - I tell my husband it's a gift, lol!

Janice Adcock

Take it slowly! Do not want to pull a muscle cleaning. Save that for some new love making position. And this is from the woman that kept shoe boxes in my dresser drawers to keep undies, other intimates, socks and pj's in nicely, separate stacks when I was 12. My older sis says just to run hot water in a sink or tub, pour in some pinsol, keep the lights low and use lots of candles. Folks think you have been cleaning for days.


I like assigning certain tasks to certain days. For me, the Sabbath is a busy one. i do all the sheets and towels. I lysol and scrub bathrooms. But during the week, it is kind of a laundry free for all. I don't mind doing laundry but I HATE putting it away. So I save all those piles for my day off: Friday. I have housekeepers come bi-weekly but they kind of suck and I should fire them. Good luck reclaiming your house.

Janice Adcock

Have the drive spin up and ready.

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