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So I played - even though I am lame. ;(

Ginny Marie

My purse's contents have ended up on the floor more times than I can count. I hate it when my lipstick rolls under the passenger seat!

My spin is up!

Jan's Sushi Bar

I'm sorry I didn't play along this week - I was going to write about teaching The Young One to drive, but I'm still waiting for the nervous tic to subside.


Just think, we only have a little over six years until Jude and Turbo are driving age. It gives me shudders to think about it.


Say it with me, Gretchen: I will put away my phone when I am driving.

Seriously, I can't even begin to pull out my phone I'm alrady so distracted. I ran a stop sign the other day because I was on a street with lights every few blocks and saw one up ahead, figured it was the next one, never noticed the damn stop sign. Good thing I wasn't speeding.

My idea of an excellent driver (in my Raymond Babbitt voice) is one who can quickly maneuver to avoid an accident, one who knows the area she's in so evasive side street action to avoid traffic can be used, and one who can PARK THE CAR SHE'S DRIVING. I'm telling you, if I see another woman in a huge SUV pull out, back in, pull out, back halfway, pull out...UGH. Don't buy it if you can't drive it (I usually want to offer to park. I am so serious.) And I'm always aware of other drivers (getting hit from behind at 88 mph by a Winnebago'll do that.)


I am an EXCELLENT driver. I really can scan the road and see what is ahead...unless I am bored, then I don't pay very good attention. So I guess I am only excellent when I want to be, which is usually...I guess. :) p.s. I was working for Chevy doing an experiment in motivating women to be more involved in the car buying process. But I sure wish they would use my videos for a national commercial - I did like six of them.


wait till Jude is old enough to drive: That'll do it to you. My daughter just got her "unofficial" license: Here in Virginia getting your license is a process: Permit test from DMV (had to take it twice), 45 hours including 15 HOURS of night driving--really? during at least nine months, driver's ed class both written and in the field, which by the way included going forward and then BACKING UP through curvy-cone lanes (I couldn't even do that--), then the unofficial license and
THEN they have to "go before the judge: I guess to get "the talk," whatever that is. Whew! Anyway, she got the unofficial license, which means she can now drive by herself, so the next day, she did, to the grocery store like a half-mile away: Twenty minutes later, I get a phone call from her, starting out: "Well, you see...I mean...I worked it out, but..." and after time restarted for me, she explained that meant that she tore the $20 I gave her for the groceries slightly but they took it anyway. She has done pretty well, though, for the most part.


I am a terrible driver because I am always thinking about other things and not focusing on the road. My children are tyrants about not texting while driving, and I thank them for that!

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