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 Elizabeth Aquino

That Les Miz video made me laugh so hard I cried. Honestly, I haven't even seen the movie and have no desire to do so, but that video is just the absolute best. I love it.

Terra Heck

That Les Miserables was too funny. I'd be laughing at my mom too. I have no desire to see the movie. I've heard a lot of great things about Downtown Abbey but haven't watched it. Thinking I should see what the hype is all about. Polar bears "fighting"...hilarious!


Gotta love when a simple trip to the Zoo goes all Discovery Channel and definitely needs editing.


I really want to get into Downton but I keep missing it and soon, I'll be just so far behind!


Oh my gosh, that is hilarious with the polar bears "fighting."


The orangutans decided to "fight" the last time we visited the zoo. Right up on the kids at the glass. Staring at us all like WATCH THIS, STUPID HUMANS WHO FORCE US INTO GLASS BOXES.

I thought the coffee said "abuse your senses" at first.

Oh, Christmas break. WHY? Why do they need two full weeks off? I don't understand. We just de-Christmased the house last night, finally undoing the tree. A neighbor or wayward person decided to help us before we were ready to take stuff down outside -- stole the pretty red bow from the gate. Bastards.

Julie Maloney  (@Momspective)

I've seen that Breaking Abby before, it's hilarious. I haven't watched any of that show yet but I've been considering it and I do need a new show to watch. Those bears are hilarious, my husband and I are way to immature to witness something like that.

Sprite's Keeper

I'll never forget taking Sprite to the zoo for the first time during mating season in the monkey area. Luckily, she was only eight months old so she thought nothing of her father and me losing our shit over the gang um banana going on.


Downton Abbey: it's not your mother's Guiding Light (hey! i just thought of a blog post!). It was amazing! I savored every 120 minutes of the premiere. And my son in 3rd grade claims one of his hobbies is making power points. I used a typewriter in college!

Sarah at 32Flavors

So happy to have Downton back. Can't wait to do something jolly with my hair.

I need to find that hot chocolate. I love a spicy hot chocolate. Certainly I can switch one of my 4 giant mugs of tea a day to a small cup of hot chocolate.

Janice Adcock

Love, love, love Jude at the Zoo. And it is that time of year for randy antics. Two birds were "fighting" in the aviary at the skilled nursing center where we visited Gene's mom this afternoon.

Downton rocks.

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