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I commend Lucy Liu for having pockets in a dress. So useful!

Stacy Uncorked

I knew I could count on you for an awesome Golden Globes recap! And I completely concur with everything you said. :)

Smash Returns But Doesn’t, More Car Repairs, Phone Bling and The Cups Song: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel


I love checking out the best and worst dressed after these shows. It's harder to find the really snarky comments, but I do love looking and reading about the "beautiful" people.

Sarah at 32Flavors

I looked right at Lucy Liu's dress and thought, people are going to hate it, but for some reason I love it. I know I should think it looks like curtains, but for some reason I thought it was fabulous. It was confusing even in the moment.

Tina and Amy were fabulous. You're so right, there should have been more of them. I loved after President Clinton left the stage and they were all, "OMG! Hillary Clinton's husband! That was Bill Rodham Clinton!"

I could not figure out what was wrong with Jessica Chastain's hair. Is it the style? Is it the color?

I thought the GG's were better than any award show I'd seen in a long time. There was a lot more funny, which is just better for everyone. I liked that Claire Danes thanked the costume person for letting her pants out every week when she was pregnant. I really haven't paid any attention to Jennifer Lawrence, but I liked her speech. For some reason it made me laugh that Jennifer Garner finished Ben's thank you when she presented. I would credit it to the mood set by Tina & Amy. They should host everything all the time.


Jessica's hair made me throw up in my mouth.
Less make-up for Katniss, please.


One of my favorite dresses of the evening? Morena Baccarin's. I know, *almost* matronly, but so, SO striking. I adore it. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/13/morena-baccarin-golden-globes-2013-dress-photos-red-carpet_n_2459211.html) Never heard of the woman before, but still.

Jennifer Lawrence's dress had amazing gorgeous potential, but the boobtastrophy ruined it for me.

Ginny Marie

I just love your recaps! So much fun to read, especially since I usually miss the award shows themselves. But I love looking at the dresses!

Jan's Sushi Bar

I'd never notice this stuff if you didn't post about it, and I thank you for it.

The only real comment I have (besides agreeing that Halle Berry looks as if she's missing a boob) is that Lucy Liu looks as if she's sort of channeling Scarlett O' Hara:

"Look - I've got a dress made out of my grandmother's living room drapes!"


Mel looked nutty and that Lucy dress- wth? I'm with ya on the hostesses. Have a great RT!


Poppin' over from Stacy's I have to tell you I was very upset that I missed the Golden Globes awards and now you have satisfied my curiosity. Thanks very much. Fantastic job & no commercials just the way I like it. woo hoo

Janice Adcock

Loved your recap. Dang, I missed the program.

Mo @ The Baby Is Fine

Fabulous recap! I was so perplexed by JF's speech...it was heartfelt and I wanted to like it, but I was just so confused. Did she not think about it ahead of time (it's not like the award was a surprise)? Or DID she think about it and that's really exactly what she wanted to say? I feel like something went awry in the delivering of that speech.

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