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One nice thing about fixing things around the house is that you can find "how-tos" on the Internet. So unless you are afraid of electricity you should be able to fix all of those by yourself with tools you may have around the house.

Good luck on the book.


Good for you for running 5ks! You can do it!

Ginny Marie

Signing up for 5Ks is a great idea! When I was signed up for the 2-Day Walk, it really kept me on track with my walking.

And yay for your book! I'm so excited to see what it's all about!

My mission statements are here:


I'm thinking that if I can get to running more than a mile in the mornings, I might have to try for a 5K by the end of the summer. Give me a goal anyway.
We think about getting to the movies, but we never quite make it when watching at home is so much more convenient, especially with small kids. We really should get Turbo to the theater for a movie this year.


your missions are great. I would love to go see more movies I want to see. Good luck!
Here is my spin:

Janice Adcock

You will be a busy woman this next year! And I love how Jude will tell you just how he feels!!!

And I have my color spin cycle ready for you to link.


I am so proud of you for the book. So, so proud. Finishing (ok, starting) mine this year is a goal for me too. Oh, movies. We try to go regularly but I can't remember the last thing just my husband and I saw together. There are so many things in our house that only work because we've made them "different" as in the bedroom side lamp only works if the cord is to the left and slightly elevated. Um, buy a new damn lamp already. There's a cabinet that must be lifted, jiggled, closed just so. Our water/ice dispenser has never worked. I want a whole new fridge. This one came with the house and who knows how long the previous owners had it. There's also no light in the fridge so you have to turn on the kitchen light if it's dark out just to find the damn orange juice. The door knob to the girls' bathroom comes off in your hand. If you close it behind you you have to push it hard to get back out. Doesn't always work.

I'ma make some changes too.

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