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Cathy Kennedy

DH is on a big mustard kick. Your recipe would be great, if it didn't have honey in it. DH is allergic to it. I wonder what it would be like without it. Do you know?

James Brown is really a little funky for sure, but no one does funky like he does, right?

Merry Christmas to you, my friend! OH yeah, glad your intruder wasn't anything too bad and scarey after all. =D


LOL we do that all the time; hear random noises and freak out. When you have kids, you do that more, I think.


Mmm, you reminded me, we need to get more adult egg nog.
Our noises are usually Turbo wandering around in his sleep. Our bedroom is in the basement and he is upstairs, so we hear him easily.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Awwww...I was looking forward to a Great Gift Debacle this year...

And you're not alone - I laughed at the peppermint poop, too.


OK the elf made me choke. And WHYYYYYYYYYYYY does Jimmy in the bathroom with the candelabra seem so hilarious to me?

And Santa Claus! Go straight to the ghetto.

Julie Maloney  (@Momspective)

James Brown Christmas, awesome. I just about died when I saw that Elf on THAT shelf. I'm totally doing that next year!


You've got some great pictures- love the elf one. Those elf's are everywhere this year. Have a great RT!


Ha, that is too funny. So he picks his weapons from the game of Clue? :-)

Janice Adcock

Love the mustard story and the thought of ghosts of bad teacher gifts past. So glad your intruder was nothing more than the Remains of Millie. But let me say that I am sooooo glad I had my bladder lifted earlier this week or I would need a new recliner after reading this blog. Gene and I are LOL and loving it.

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