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 Elizabeth Aquino

What a beautiful post -- thank you for sharing it.


Oh bless his heart and his family. What a tragic loss, but what a wonderful tribute to such a fighter. Thank you for sharing this...


When you talked about the tea cups, I was reminded of my great aunt who, at the time of her death had well over 100 tea cups that she had collected over her life. I remember going to her house on Sundays after church and having tea and ginger snaps.


I've wondered what people will think when they clean out my clutter and junk... they'll wonder what the heck all the scribbles on pieces of paper mean! Here's my Spin http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/a-little-girl-with-a-big-dream/

Jan's Sushi Bar

Can't comment. Nope. Crying too hard.

Janice Adcock

Love the tribute to your uncle. Just this morning I was looking at a few mementos sent to me from my precious Aunt Sissy who passed just this year. But her life, she was almost 96 when she passed was like your uncle's life. Long as we would expect. The sadness of the loss of a child seems to linger forever in the lives of those who knew them. As one person noted when I said something about their child who was dead, "Thank you so much for remembering him. It seems to affirm that he did live." God bless you for this tender, loving post.


I am not a crier, but as I explained this tradition and story to my daughter.. I couldn't help myself and shed a tear for this little guy and his family. Thank you for sharing this story.

Ginny Marie

You have such a beautiful way of telling stories, Gretchen. Your uncle's teacups remind me of my mom...she collected tea cups, too, and had some antique ones that were so pretty. She displayed them in her china cabinet, though, and never drank out of them.

And Oh! I knew about Gus, but it is just such a sad thing.


These memorial posts are making me cry. I just thought of Gus the other day as a girl in our area passed away from cancer. I hope this tradition will make it a little easier on his family.


Tears are running down my face...thank you for such a touching post Gretchen.


Oh wow, what an amazing tribute to Gus. Just lovely.

And your uncle...the tea cups! I'm so glad you were there to share their story and to rescue a few for your own home.

My mom used to have a huge, mismatched collection, too. She could never choose just one pattern, an idiosyncrasy I've inherited, if my coffee cup collection is any indication.

I love the idea of collecting something in honor of your loved ones. What about sterling silver for a charm bracelet?

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