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Excellent! These kids rock! How cool is that to have a school that goes all out and the staff such good sports!

Ginny Marie

Wow, I cannot believe those costumes! I would simply not have the patience to put something like that together! Jude looks absolutely perfect. :) And his friend dressing up as the secretary? Hilarious!

My post is up: http://www.lemondroppie.com/2012/11/halloween-show-n-tell/


Oh wow. Next week's is going to be hard. We are coming upon the one year anniversary of my grandpa's passing :-(

On happier notes, those are some awesome costumes! Super super creative!


What awesome creativity! Yeah, planning and construction had better start soon.
So cool that Jude and his friend won.


Excellent costumes


Those costumes are all incredible. I love how they (including the parents) get so into it. The creativity shown is awesome!

Janice Adcock

Just under the wire for the fun this past week. Great job on all the costumes!

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