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You are my hero.

Perhaps this could be a new line of work for you? Other parents could hire you to give their kids an accurate and non-scarring sex talk. You rock!

 Elizabeth Aquino

I love it! When I told Oliver about sex, he asked me whether I had "done it," and when I told him yes, he looked at me, shook his head, said "that's just WRONG" and walked away!


Ella had a similar response. My two favorite lines of hers were, "Why would he DO that??" and "Wait. Did you have to do that with Daddy???"

Jan's Sushi Bar

Back in the early 90s when the whole AIDS scare was really ramping up, one of my oldest friends was watching a television show about that very subject with her daughter, the eldest of her four children, who was about 9 at the time.

When it was over, the daughter asked my friend many questions about the disease, which led to The Discussion About Sex, and the dangers of indulging in it indiscriminately (remember the campaign of "You're having sex with everyone your partner has ever had sex with!!")

Her daughter wasn't any more impressed with the mechanics of the whole thing than Jude was, and promptly informed my friend how lucky she was to only have had to "do it four times."

My friend immediately called me on the phone and we laughed until we cried.

Mo @ The Baby Is Fine

awesome job! I'm impressed :) and his reaction is adorable :)


What an empathetic little man you are raising. My daughter is only 5 so we aren't quite there yet but my having majored in biology will make her the most over-informed child in her class.


I am sooooooooooo proud of you, especially since you seemed even more frightened once I laid it all out for the girls earlier this year. And yes, I'm glad he has empathy for the dreaded curse. When Chobe said, after getting her period on Christmas day last year, "This is no gift!" I had to smirk. Oh. Oh oho hoh ohoh. How one day that opinion may change.


It is much better to have the sex talk to children than to a Victorian raised 80 year old mother-in-law. Kids are just creeped out by the whole thing. Mother-in-laws want to know why you would do certain acts. When your answers is "because it feels great" they respond with, "I knew I was missing something." Then you just feel bad for them.


Thanks, Gretchen! You cleared up a few nagging questions I've had for a long time. (Said the father of two.)


Yay! I knew Jude would handle it well. The empathy thing is great. I have a friend who was the only sister among brothers, and their mom "trained" the boys to take care of women (mom and sis) when she has her period...be kind, soft-spoken, fetch chocolate, etc. They are apparently all very good husbands now. :)


Yep, Jude, it isn't fair. That's hilarious the conversation he had with his friend. Too funny...

So here's my Spin for the week! I'd be more stoked about these cookies, though, if I didn't eat two of them just right before I got the stomach flu, though...


We've had two "sex" talks with Turbo now. one when he was seven and we were watching a nature show. That one was general. The more specific one came after he announce last spring that he knew what sex was. It was rolling around without your shirt on with a girl.
nick bit the bullet and gave him the more detailed run down of what happens and how. Turbo was about as impressed as Jude. At least he knows the proper mechanics and all. Just so long as he waits to practice those mechanics until he's, you know 20 or so. Wishful thinking on my part, but still...

My spin is up:


Very sweet, very beautifully done. I visited your blog thanks to the blog roll on Suburban Matron. Thanks, Star


Way to go. This is one part of parenting I'm not looking forward to.

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