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That's kind of funny about the dog food. I know I am really low on it but I also know I have some canned food in there so if I run out, they'll have SOMEthing. But it's making me lazy about buying more.

Jan's Sushi Bar

The advantages of feeding your dog raw meat is that, well, you're seldom out of dog food. We don't give Scooter our grass-fed and pastured stuff - we buy him whatever is on sale at the grocery store - but if he runs out before I can get to the store, I've been known to give him scrambled eggs and leftovers.

Stoopid dog is ridiculously spoiled.

And yes, the Honey Nut Cheerios are about the worst thing he could eat. Wheat especially is very bad for dogs.

The Bug

I haven't watched it (& can't at work), but that Gangnam thing is a really big thing apparently. There are all kinds of people making their own Gangnam Style spoofs - kind of like the Call Me Maybe song. So now I'll finally go home tonight & watch the video & be in the know - ha!


I do not want to watch that video one more time. If the girls aren't watching or singing or dancing -- MAKE IT STOP.

I'm glad Mommy and Pop fared well, and I just sent up an electricity prayer for the Amazing Niki.

I wanna come to LA and get the tour and talk incessantly and be cute yet long arm photographed.

I think the spider is stuck.

Voting today after work.


I've seen that video haunting around the interwebs since that Gangnam style dancing was on Dancing with the Stars. They even had a short dance for Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley at the CMA awards show. It really is a thing.
I give us about another year and Turbo will be smoking up the pool too. Good for Jude for his first race!


ok, so I saw that korean pop video for the first time the other day, and I have to say....I don't get it. Am I old or something?


When we had a pup I would sometimes forget to get her food so if I realized that after I was home for the day I would just give her some hot dogs or sandwich meats. She loved me!

And my s-i-l and I learned the dance to Gangnam Style and "performed" it at our friends wedding a few weeks ago. It was hilarious.

And I'm really glad to hear all was well with mommy!

unmitigated me

Okay. Voted. It took two hours to get through the line and another ten to vote and five to submit the ballot. Incredible turnout...my husband went to the polls as soon as they opened and he also waited two hours.

The Psycho song is fun, but I prefer this version...slow and jazzy acoustic by a Korean group from Berkeley

Colleges give scholarships to really good swimmers and runners! I can see Jude at the summer games in 12 years!


Jude has a great stroke and turn!

We put high fiber cereal (sometimes Cherrios) on our dog's kibble everyday. Great Danes need the extra fiber to help keep certain glands clean.

Here's a Gangnam Style video from the Naval Academy:


I had no idea what Gangnam Style was until Dancing With The Stars. My husband showed me the video. I'm so out of the loop!

 Elizabeth Aquino

It's cracking me up that you're new to the Gangum Style video and "introducing" us. It reminds me of the time time I mentioned to my friends that I loved this new song that I was hearing on the radio called "We are the World." I was taunted and made fun of for perhaps ten years afterwards, but don't worry, I'm an empath and won't do the same to you.

And I think you look so pretty in ALL of your photos -- really! As you do in real life.


I LOVE your arm-length photos; you look fabulous in all of them. Thanks again SO much for my tour and the conversation...and the opportunity to meet Elizabeth. We could've talked for three days straight and not run out of conversation. Just wonderful.

Ha, Psy has been everywhere, including SNL! I don't get it, either.

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