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Terra Heck

I really like how those books are lined up to spell out a word. Pretty creative! I hate OMG too, mainly because using God's name in vain is one of my biggest pet peeves. I've checked out RetailMeNot within the past couple days and have found some nice coupon codes to use with online shopping.

 Elizabeth Aquino

OMW -- I love it!


I always thought OMW meant On My Way. Oh well. I bought TOO big of a bird; he was 20 pounds for 8 people and neither of my kids really ate much so I have a TON left over. Also, I have no interest in turkey for at least 6 weeks!


I did not neat nearly enough turkey. We brought the ham to our potluck dinner and that's what we took home. I wanted their leftover turkey so bad especially since I don't like ham but I got shafted. Wah.


I like the OMW instead of OMG, although I do use OMG I always say, "oh my goodness" or "Oh my gosh" I too have eaten my fair share of leftovers. As a matter of fact, I just finished off the last piece of butter cake while I read your post...OMW.

I found your site through Stacy Uncorked and the Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel.


I've seen the Doggy Doo commercial and the Pop the Pig commercial. Not really sure what they are thinking, but I always tell Turbo that he doesn't really need the game of Doggy Doo when he gets to go outside and play it for real. Yes, he is on dog poop patrol as one of his chores.


OMW is a lovely southern thing. Maybe, if we all start using it OMG will go out of fashion. We could be all trendsetting.


Ha, love the new text lingo!

Jan's Sushi Bar

OMG could also stand for that other wonderful Southern saying (my grandmother's favorite): Oh My Goodness! See? No taking Anyone's name in vain there.

Buy the extra turkey breast next year, or you'll just end up with even more dark meat leftovers.

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