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I would love to take a tour like this one, or like the one you posted last year, to look at the buildings if nothing else.

Sarah at 32Flavors

This is my kind of Halloween. I'd like to run into Natalie Wood. That's why my Natalie is a Natalie. Although sometimes I worry about having named my child after such a tortured soul.

Ginny Marie

Those are some deliciously scary stories! And how cool that you went out to take pictures of all these haunted places! You are one dedicated Spinner. ;)

Stacy Uncorked

What an absolutely fascinating tour you provided! I was mesmerized from beginning to end - and I'm keeping notes for when we're out that way, because I'm going to want to check out all those places. :)


WHAT? Nothing on the Hollywood Cemetery????? LOVED these tidbits. How I miss L.A. and my friend who shares a love of the macabre... :)


Oooh!! I didn't know the Hollywood Tower Hotel & the elevator story were true? One of my favorite rides ever. Spooky.

I feel spirits sometimes, too. It is definitely no laughing matter...more...heartwrenching.


Good job on the eerie-looking photos. I want to to Hollywood SO bad !

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