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Ginny Marie

Wow, that's a lot of break ins! I've been lucky, I guess! I'm also guessing your guess is right. At least no one was ever home, and no one got hurt!

I'm glad you're finally getting some autumn weather in CA!

Jan's Sushi Bar

The minute you started to talk about the people your parents had given odd jobs to, I thought "Oh, I bet I know why they had so many break-ins!" So no, you're not alone in being jaded. ;)

It's quite autumnal in my neck of the woods these days, and I'm all about the fall food. Would you object to recipe spins next week?


Oh wow. That's simply awful, but I am glad your mom was so crafty with where she hid her jewelry. I couldn't even imagine how you guys felt


Wow. I can only imagine what that would feel like, to have your home invaded. I've been robbed at gunpoint, and had things stolen from my desk at work, but someone in my home, rifling through my things? That's a whole different kind of violation.

Probably your parents suspected some of the people they'd helped had then helped themselves to your things, but they were kind enough to keep trying, you know? That's an innate kindness, one I'm not really sure I have (or would have after so many break-ins).


We've never had anyone try to come in our home and rob us. The dogs probably have something to do with that. They'd probably lick a thief to death before they'd bite them, but the barking sounds dangerous.


That is crazy.


Ooh, break-ins creep me out!

Even if it was those folks who betrayed your parents' trust, I'm glad they kept bringing them in. It's a good thing they did.

I wonder what you'd think about the book Minding Frankie by Maeve Binchy. Read it recently, and I was taken with the relationship of one of the main characters with his AA sponsor.

Sprite's Keeper

My best friend recently had a burglary in her Home and just listening to how it changed the way she thought about things was sobering, I check the locks all the time and set the alarm when it's just me at home. What? It's not like the dogs will protect me, :-)


Weirdly, that has never happened to me in 38 years of life. With no extra precautions on my part (I didn't even have renter's insurance when I had roommates). My friend though, has been broken into at least 5 times in the last 15 years.

Now I have a stupid dog that sounds loud, but would probably help them carry the tv to the truck for a snausage.


That is so crazy. Never has my house been broken into but one of my old skeezy roommates stole a whole bunch of movies from another roommate and me. Other than that, not much crime has been committed against me.

Hopefully you're luck has changed since moving from Texas!


Here's my spin for the week! http://viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2012/10/for-love-of-autumn.html

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