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It is still too hot here also. I blame it for my lethargy.It couldn't be because I don't sleep we'll or lazy.


Yikes! Glad the computer..and the car...were okay! And you can send a little warmth to me in Michigan. Just because I'm a wimp and usually chilly, not because it's really all the cold yet.

Here from Random Tuesday :)


It's funny but I did my best at word problems; that one was easy! But throw a formula at me and my brain just fizzles out. There's a reason I'm an English person!


I absolutely hated word problems. And my father helping me with them? I still get PTSD from that. I don't look forward to this day, but luckily my husband is an engineer so I'll be passing that onto him, I believe.

Stacy Uncorked

You officially had a Blonde Moment. ;)

While the temps have finally come down below 80-90, the humidity is hanging in there for all it's worth. I want official crisp fall weather to hurry up and get here already!

If only we lived out by you - Princess Nagger could help Jude with his math problems (she a math wiz) and he could help her with the stuff she rolls her eyes at. ;)

Crazy Christmas in September, Maytag and Oster Rock, and a Pessimistic Princess Nagger


You have the heat--it's supposed to snow either Tomorrow night or Friday--the weathermen can't make up their minds, but it is going to get cold. Down into the 20s at night.
I hated word problems in school--the rest I usually got but hated word problems.


Soooooo the car AND the computer potentially. Hmmmm weren't we just calling Jimmy a rather unnice name the other day?

I would LOVE for it to still be in the 90s here. We may hit 80 today but it's rainy and therefore unlikely. Me no likey the unsummer months (especially the transition months. I have no idea what I was wearing as a thin jacket last year. This happens EVERY year).

I will NOT comment on the math. I cannot, Gretchen, I just can't (except to say Zoe is in 4th grade too. If daddy ain't home when she pulls out math homework, mommy is very very busy).

Sarah at 32Flavors

That was a close call on the computer and car.

Ella and I have been having the same word problem trouble. So I showed her this:

Only the humor was lost on her. Totally lost. "Mom? That doesn't make sense." FINE.


How do you expect me to even comment when I'm laughing so hard. LMAO Have a great day & thanks for sharing.

Sprite's Keeper

Word problem made easy.

And people wonder why I have beauty AND brains. ;-)
Love the picture! I must show this to my people!


My spin is up!

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