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Stacy Uncorked

You are the best mom ever! You and Jude are going to be rockin' those season passes - if only you weren't thousands of miles away, I'd invite myself and Princess Nagger along on the fun - I know she and Jude would hit it off famously. :)

That 50 Shades of Hay cartoon totally cracked me up!

I'll keep your MIL in my thoughts and prayers on Thursday - my dad had cataract surgery about 6 months ago - he was amazed at how clearly he could see afterwards, he thought he was just getting old and needed glasses. :) I love the idea of your MIL getting a bell and having her hubby wait on her hand and foot! :)

Fall Finally Arrives with Hotel Transylvania, Body by Vi Challenge Accepted, Comic Moment, Banana Spider and Genius Birthday Card

Jan's Sushi Bar

You mean Mommy doesn't already have a bell to call Pop for her every whim?? I believe I'm a tad disillusioned.


When we moved to Orlando, we bought passes and went almost every weekend for an entire year! I never really tired of it but then again, I was about 16 at the time. I do miss being close to Disney.


JR and I would buy those passes for ourselves. Our kids don't like amusement parks. How did I birth such creatures?

Sarah at 32Flavors

I think the Disney passes sound fantastic! When it's already paid for, and you can just sneak in for a few hours here and there? Perfect. Rather than feeling like you have to make a whole day of it every time for it to be worth it.

I'm still a little sad that Ella didn't get that word problem joke. I thought it was HILARIOUS.


Now there's a reason I'm sad I don't live in Southern California. We'd be all over the passes to Disneyland. Maybe we need to make the next trip to see the Mouse to California instead of Florida.

The Red C

The cool thing about annual passes is all the "behind the scenes" stuff you will get to enjoy by NOT feleing like you have to be there from 9am-midnite to get your money's worth. You can check out some of the hilarious shows no one ever goes to see, like the saloon diner show in Frontierland ;)You could spend all afternoon on Star Tours until you get to every single one of the destinations!Mad Hatter Tea Party! Watch the lights come on in Cars Land! The possibilities are endless...


Holy hell I wanna come. I just need you to fly me out and back and host us while we're there. Deal?

That is similar to what I see with the word problems and it's only 4th grade. Needless to say when the 7th grader brings home math homework I'm looking at the page and all the numbers are dancing, laughing at me.

I shall start praying today. I'll be good and warm by Thursday.


Sending prayers! And I love love love that math problem thing. Too funny!


Oooh, a little green with envy here that you are close enough to a Disney to warrant an annual pass! Good thoughts to your MIL...last year my 89 year old gram and I baked an apple pie after her cataract surgery because she was a little bored!

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