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 Elizabeth Aquino

I didn't even watch it because I KNEW I could watch and get it all here! I agree with you on everything as far as best and worst dressed, too. That gown on the HBO girl was astoundingly ugly.

Michele R.

I totally missed it and was glad to read the highlights here.
Hubs and I just watched Homeland on Netflix dvds (4 discs) in the last two weeks--there was no waiting so you must go for it. A friend I know has Showtime and raved about it last year. I cant stop thinking of it and I must get showtime this week! For that and dexter. Claire Danes' acting is incredible esp. the last two episodes. And I see all the woman in your photos have had face work until I got to Claire.
And then there is Ashley Judd. She used to be so beautiful and then she started to get some wrinkles and now? Sheesh.


Love your inside take on everything! And I agree - the colors in those dresses are amazing

Jan's Sushi Bar

Yes, plus-sized girls can rock; it helps, though, that Ms. Hendricks is about 7 feet tall. *sigh*

I died laughing at your description of Martha Plimpton's dress.

And my Spin is up! http://www.janssushibar.com/index.php/boldy-taste/


I sort of thought that Martha's dress was Miss Kitty meets whorehouse madam. Tina Fey was hands down the best dressed this year. I chuckled at Jon Stewart's acceptance speech.


I love the best dressed dresses. They are truly lovely. But I really like looking at the worse dressed the next day and wondering what they were thinking. Really, why would you leave the house in some of those getups?

Stacy Uncorked

I concur your conclusions of best and worst dressed! :)

Your text exchange cracked me up!

Teachers Do Make a Difference, Laptop Malfunction, #MaytagMom Update, Furby Wishes and Jennifer Aniston Love

Ginny Marie

Oh, my, what was Ashley thinking? Yikes!

Thank goodness for your recap! Now I don't feel like I missed out for not watching.


What a fantastic breakdown you have provided! Spot on! Hooray for Louie and the Daily Show, and I still refuse to accept that Desperate Housewives was a comedy!

On another note...the post was awhile ago and I can't figure out how to just send you a message, BUT...the post about the second talk for girls/women? Can I just say that I did not freak out the other morning in a Carrie moment...I knew it was ok because a woman who I've never met on the interwebs said so...much love Gretchen!!! ;)

Sarah at 32Flavors

I always enjoy your awards show thoughts.

However, I totally disagree with you on Claire Danes' dress. It looked like she was wrapped in a sheet, and I was waiting for portions of it to fall. It did seem to be a good color for her, though. That said, I love her so much. Ever since My So Called Life. Her portrayal of Temple Grandin was absolute brilliance.

Amy Poehler is hysterical. I want to be her friend.

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