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I didn't know Mallomars had a season either; I seem to recall having them all year 'round. But then again, I live in the Deep South where we have things like Moon Pies.


I have not seen a Mallomar box since the '80s! Me no like, so knowing they still exist somewhere doesn't do anything for me. It cooled down here to having a low 60 at night, mid-80 during the day. If Mother Nature had a Facebook page I would hit dislike on all of the days!

Macturbating. Heh. (You know I have to find that page immediately now. Kinda like I did with 100 Floors and now I CANNOT STOP (although I've been stuck on 19 since yesterday).


That macturbating is hilarious.

We have been in the 70s and 80s this week and last. I think it's Mother Nature making up for the constant stream of over 100s all summer long.


No Mallomars in our part of the country. At least I don't remember seeing them in the stores.
If I had a reliable source of live mussels, I'd try that recipe--it sounds divine.
Our temps have cooled--upper 60s/low 70s during the day, 30s/low 40s at night. We had frost last night for the third time this month. Wild temp swings commence.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Okay, now I know how everyone feels when they visit my site and are hungry.

I want mussels.


(I deny wanting a Mallomar. Yup, deny deny deny...)

Sprite's Keeper

As someone who's never had mussels, I'm a but perplexed. Are you supposed to drink the juice it's served in?


happy birthday Jimmy!! I have not tried mussels. I do not care for oysters and I figure they are close to the same taste. Am I wrong?

I don't think I've ever seen mallomars and they are boasting 90 years? I've heard of them. I'm much more apted to try a mallormar than a mussel.

Stacy Uncorked

Is it bad that I'm kinda giggling because you ended up getting hellacious heat after taunting me with your awesome weather all summer? ;) Hope you hotness dissipates...I mean the heat, not your personal hotness...wait, that still doesn't sound right - I better stop while I'm behind. ;)

Being friends to geeks is fun. :)

Happy (belated) Birthday to Jimmy! That recipe sounds delish!

I'm going to be spending time on that new word page... ;)

Power Company Power Play, Crazy Tattoo Idea, Wine Opener Fail, Cool Egg Yolk Tip and Hysterical Autocorrect: RTT Rebel


You know? I hate marshmallows, but this post has literally made my mouth water. I want a mallomar.


Darn you, and the Mallowmars picture! Screw this diet, I totally could go for one now!


I did know about the elusive Mallomar, but it doesn't really seem cool enough yet this year! I will absolutely get a box for Mommy, but am not mailing them yet!!

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