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Jan's Sushi Bar

If mistakes were made by GoDaddy, then they should be doing something to reacquire her domain name - what this little shit-heels of a kid is doing is just WRONG.

But this is why I do everything through Network Solutions. They may be more expensive, but I've never ever had a problem - any you wouldn't believe how many domains I own.


Headed over!


Thank you so much for the love, y'all! Solidarity! Yes, GoDaddy made some mistakes but to them, the big deal is that I let the domain expire in the first place. :( They're like, nothin' we can do. I hold out a little hope that this guy will be more reasonable.

In the meantime, I just need people to click on my proper link in google searches and not click on his! Eventually his page rank will decline and I'll be back on top, baby!

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