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The the mother of boys (yes, I include supposedly grown up ones in this group) there are a few things you need to know. 1. they get hurt, a lot. 2. head wounds bleed profusely. Even from the tiniest of cut. 3. they (the boys) are idiots. Forever.


Totally sounds like a page out of my book...a couple chapters ago. Glad he's still with you and just a little worse for wear. Happy Anniversary :)

Jan's Sushi Bar

I'm convinced there's an "idiot zone" in every husband's brain. When we were in Hawaii on our honeymoon, Beloved decided to hop over a guardrail at the edge of a cliff in Maui to take in the view more efficiently (I guess).

"Don't do that," I cautioned him. "You're going to slip and fall over the edge."

"No, I won't!" he exclaims, and proceeds to slip, fall and almost go over the edge.



Nick has been on a streak--no major injuries for about a year running now. Of course Turbo had to bleed from the head a couple weeks ago--it was fun. Bruiser hasn't had anything major for a while, but he's due.
Glad Jimmy made it to 17, happy anniversary to both of you.


omg but he still looks good. lol. gotta love him. He always did have 'eclectic' taste in clothes........ give him a kiss from us.


Oh my gosh, this made me laugh. I just love Jimmy. I always have.

Ginny Marie

Oh, ouch! That had to smart!


If it weren't for idiots, who would we marry? ;)

 Elizabeth Aquino

Oh, dear. A good fellow southerner friend of mine basically summed up boys and men: "They are simple."


Eh, idiocy. Happens to the best of it. OK Jimmy might be better at it than some of us, but...whatchagonnado?

Happy anniversary. Seventeen years and no one's trading in for the newer model. THAT is marriage.


I think idiot is part of the husband syndrome, well, maybe just the male species! Thank goodness Jimmy is still kicking and thanks to a new scar will look like he's ready to kick some butt!


Yikes! Glad he's okay! My husband is an idiot, too, if it's any consolation :-) Happy anniversary!


I think they're all like that. It'd be cool if his idiocy got him more gigs, though!

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