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I should have kept the jumpsuit I wore when I tripped on Christopher Reeves' stairs and spilled red wine down the front of myself. I could have sent it to you. While it didn't touch the mouth of anyone famous (we are not counting "you know who")' I did go home in some of his wife's clothes. I wonder where they went?


Tony Danza's maybe gum just made me choke on my watermelon.


I'm spun! Here's my link:



Mo @ The Baby Is Fine

you threw the breadsticks away?? you could have cloned him and had your own personal pacino (everyone's dream, surely).

Ginny Marie

OMG, you have me laughing like crazy over here! By "Celebrity Trash" you were actually being literal!

My celebrity story is that my husband and I and another couple had dinner with Ron Santo and his wife. (They were sitting across the restaurant from us.) my husband and friend were ecstatic because they are both huge Cubs fans.

I'm late with my Spin because I got sucked into watching an episode of Remington Steele. You can blame Hulu for me.



good one. ha.


I'm an attorney...too many ideas!

And Tony Danza's gum? Really? :-)


OK, I find this hilarious!


Hmm, who to ask for, and then again, without the context nick would toss it as trash when I wasn't looking. He's great at getting rid of things I end up needing shortly after he gets rid of it.

tina erickson

I never knew this about you, it's so Strange that I Love it! Very Quirky and Funny and Sweet ; -)


Joss Whedon. Surely some of his DNA will make me brilliant, too.

That is a super weird and strangely fun hobby.


Here my law and order post :-) http://viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2012/10/law-and-order.html

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