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I'm new to your blog...but it sounds like someone needs to slip mommy a xanax :)

Jan's Sushi Bar

I love that Mommy and Grace are thinking the same thing, only Mommy much more...fervently.


Exactly, Jan! OMG I am literally giggling so very hard at this. Also, those other women all think you look better in your bikini than they do. They're right.

Sprite's Keeper

My inner New Yawk accent is exhausted just going along mentally! :-)


I'm not sure what deity you pissed off that requires spending 3 weeks with Mommy as a penance but wow. Was Mommy doing the 'bob and weave'? Because that's hysterical with an inner monologue....

Also, is it bad that I glanced at the recent posts list and read it as RTT: Scarred, Carbs and Sluts? I *might* be a little punchy right now as 12 hour days tend to do that to me.

bathroom light fixtures

Looks like a great day at the beach to get your tans and glowing skin. Awesome! I'm jealous. Might be time to go to the beach.


Ha, I love Jude's obsession with Michael Phelps!

Ginny Marie

You are a brave woman to post a picture of your legs online! I know that is exactly what Aunt Grace and Mommy were thinking! ;)

I have my water post up!




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