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Oh, my god. I'm dying laughing. And I particularly like Jude's realistic smile. I really can't stop laughing at the whole thing. I LOVE when you write about your wonderful family.

(By the way, YOU look gorgeous!)

Ginny Marie

Oh, so funny! No one would ever guess how long it took to take that picture...


Man, I am laughing at this. I had the visual the whole time. Hatti and Jude are hilarious. More importantly, will Jimmy take the coat?

Jan's Sushi Bar

"Everybody looks like they're being tortured" cracked me up. Frankly, I'm surprised you got a family photo at all - I've had NO success with that at all. You, as usual, look lovely.

I like water too; I may actually participate next week.


They are all in the same spot. With a family picture that's about all you can really hope for. Jude's expression is one I've seen on Turbo's face more than once. What is it with little boys? They forget how to smile when they hit 5 don't they?

Julia's Math

My husband will only take one picture. Even if he's the one taking it and not in it... I like to do a pirate eye routinely in pictures so THIS IS A PROBLEM.


Oh my God, this is hilarious - I love that we got to see the picture...too funny!

Sprite's Keeper

Pop looks like Mommy really IS abut to bite him! Love it!
And I MUST spin the next one!


Love it! There is someone in our family who has to analyze each person in the picture and find some tragic flaw, thereby ruining the whole shot for her. As far as I'm concerned, as long as I don't look completely awful (without a wind excuse) it's lovely. It's about the "fun" of trying to take the photo and just the fact that everyone is together...love how you captured it!


That is hilarious. The one family picture I remember was a Christmas a long time ago and as my grandma was trying to get in the picture from taking the picture on the tripod she tripped. That would have been some AFV stuff!


Bahhahahha! Love Jude's 'natural' smile.


You ladies look so hot!

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