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The dog shamming site is hilarious. Off to check on Darren.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Oooooohhhhh - I wonder how that shrimp dish would do with spaghetti squash...

I'm so glad you're back - have I mentioned that?


That commercial is hysterical--yes always knock first.

Will have to try that shrimp dish, when I have a kitchen again.


I can not wait to go look at more dog shaming!!!


OK, the dog shaming is hilarious. I've visited Darren (his account of the surgery is pretty damn funny if scary) and yes, the Italianism is quite Mommyish if I must say so myself, coming from a person who does not "know" Mommy.


Okay I want to know what stent he got now. I write contracts for drug eluting stents. Glamorous I know.

Stacy Uncorked

So good to have you back! I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of time laughing at that doggie site. ;) That commercial *is* funny! Yay! You got your tea towel! WooHoo! I'm so sorry about your friend - off to check out his blog in a bit. :) Now I'm hungry. I better add some shrimp to my shopping trip on Saturday. ;)


Make the tea towel into a pillow!


Hey, my spin is up!

Ginny Marie

Ooo, I like the pillow idea! And your shrimp recipe sounds delish!

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