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Don't you just hate it when you make fun of someone for doing/wearing something and then in fact, you take up the habit? I think it's happened to us all!
here's my spin for this week http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/the-joke-is-on-me/


That's interesting about the dingo; I remember that being a joke and now - wow - it's true! Crazy. Anyway, happy Tuesday!


If we are home, we have a method of opening and closing windows too. If we aren't they all get shut before we leave the house. It must be done or the heat creeps in and it hits like 85 in the house. It's hard to cool off the house after that.

I always know that it's time for Turbo to get a hair cut when we practically have to soak his head to get the bed head under control.


I will admit the kale chips have gotten me. I've tried two store-bought brands, one much better than the other. I keep saying I'm going to try to make them myself. My issue is I am a salt-a-holic. Nothing good can come from it.

I think that I too am a skort/tennis skirt snob. Hm. Perhaps I should look into my irritation. But perhaps not.

Have you opened the correct windows yet? Carlos does that. "Close those blinds! Don't you know the sun sits on this side of the house at 2:42?" I am shameful and cannot be taught.

Stacy Uncorked

Before we realized we were sucking all the humidity into the house (thereby making all the wood surfaces suffer - not to mention irritatingly damp) we used to use a whole house fan directed out of one of the windows in the attic. It worked well until we started having way too many heat+humid days and had to give up on the wind tunnel mode. That and we prefer to sleep with the bedroom door closed at night in case the kids might be sleep walking. Or something. ;) For the whole house fan to be truly effective, we'd have to pick and choose which windows to have open, and leave the back door open at night for the not-so-much-cooler air to help cool things down. But when it doesn't get below the upper 70's at night, it wasn't very effective - so we got window units for the 'important' rooms (bedrooms and living room). But everywhere else in the house you run into walls of heat. It probably doesn't help being a 3-story house, though. I can't wait to move back to the West Coast so we don't have to deal with this crap any more. :)

I wish I had the legs to sport a cute skort - but alas, my Swenson Thunder Thighs make it prohibitive. ;)

I remember reading they reopened the case after all these years and proved the dingo did eat the baby. Crazy!

Haircut time for sure! ;)

Heat and Sleep, Ice Cream Fun, Compliment, BlogHer ’12 and I’m With Stupid – RTT Rebel

Jan's Sushi Bar

It must be a "husband" thing, this opening/closing windows/shades at a certain time of day, because Beloved will do it too. And we have central AC.

And thank you for the linky love! Aren't those kale chips gooood? Even The Young One will eat them...of course, he might eat your left foot these days, too.


I am a skort fan too--my favorite one is from lululemon and it feels like silk on. It has peppy little pleats in the back. Worth the $$. Your boy's hair reminds me of my son's right now. It's quite long and he has taken to wearing a terry cloth headband 24/7. Bjorn Borg?


I have heard amazing things about Kale chips. I suppose this means I must make a trip to the market. I need a new snack...I really would like chocolate but kale is probably the better choice. :D

I can not even fathom not having air conditioner. Of course we are sitting at around 110 without the heat index so likely the entire family would be dead if we didn't have air. This heat tends to make a body a tad cranky if you can imagine.

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