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I usually leave a cup on the counter by the fridge but that's a great idea! Also, Opi colors are seriously the best; my two favorites are: Don't Melbourne the Toast and Dusk Over Cairo.


Too flippin' funny... Keith Richards! Some people just have it down to a fine art. Rock On!

That does sound good... the shrimp salad. I think I'll just make it for me though. When the girls were little and I made something that was so freakin' delish, I told them "it's gross and you wouldn't like it." They believed me!! That worked for years!!!

Jan's Sushi Bar

Laughed my ASS off over the Keith Richards pic. Although I'm not sure he's NOT dead; he certainly looks like it.


There's a lot of great TV right now. Newsroom, of course! Does your cable company have an "On Demand" type feature? Then you don't need to worry about the DVR. I'd also suggest "Louie" (obviously) on FX Thursdays at 9:30 (catch earlier seasons on Netflix), "Episodes" on Showtime Sunday nights - really good, with British sensibilities and a really strong cast. You can catch up on last season if you have Showtime Anytime. I also, kinda-like-but-am-not-really-committed-to: "Web Therapy" on Showtime and "Girls" on HBO. They are both very awkwardly good series that are trying to take the formats in new directions.


Sigh, I really wish Turbo was a reader, but that bug has not bit him yet--although he loves to listen to me read, so I share books with him that way--in the car I am the book on tape for my guys. Maybe Bruiser will be a reader.

Sarah at 32Flavors

Love The Newsroom.
Ella read Little House with her class at school. She wasn't a fan. WHAT?? Uber disappointing considering we are mere hours from many Laura landmarks. But maybe she'd like the books more if we went to some of the museums? I don't know. There's always Natalie.

Stacy Uncorked

Way to go getting Jude to read your childhood books! I've been trying to get Princess Nagger to read my favorites, but she turns her nose up at any that aren't Hunger Games, Soul Eater or Warrior Cats. Yes, my daughter is 'out there'. ;)

That cup idea is genius!

Do you watch any TNT or USA? I LOVE their summer programming - on TNT there's Leverage, Rizolli & Isles, Franklin & Bash, The Closer (in its final season) and I've seen the first couple of episodes of the new Dallas and was pleasantly surprised it's actually decent, and I'm looking forward to Major Crimes (a new show and spin-off from The Closer) and hear that Perception is good (though I haven't found time to watch the premier and second episode yet). :)

Then on USA I LOVE Burn Notice, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains, Suits, Fairly Legal (which doesn't come back until next spring) and their new show, Common Law (which even the hubby loves) and their newest show started Sunday night called Political Animals which looks intriguing so I have it queued on Hulu. :)

Of course having been on vacation our DVR is now at 99% full, so I guess I better get busy catching up. ;) Or delete the USA ones and wait for them to come on Hulu (there's a 30 day delay).

Thanks for being such a dedicated Rebel! :)


Seriously can't discuss tv right now as the middle girl is going through a DirecTV vs. Viacom induced Spongebob/Nickelodeon withdrawal. Ugh. Now Viacom has removed most of the full free videos from online. Classy. Outside of that, I have nothing that I watch regularly. Nothing. Wait, no, that's not true. I watch Unsung because I love learning about artists' histories/lives. Otherwise, there are things I'll watch if I happen to catch them, but for the most part, everything only gets a meh.

I can't wait until my oldest daughter is in high school so I can dip back into the box of books in my closet. There's nothing in there for her now as she cleaned me out of Amelia Bedelia, Ramona, and every Judy Blume book I owned (that, to her delight, had my name and the year ("Mommy, this one says 1978; you were reading then?")) in each.

I do rather like that shade of blue. I've been shying away from anything not red or not pink or not a dark plum-like. Interesting. My polish taste is evolving.


Separately, are you re-reading Huck Finn or is this your first time? If you're re-reading because you love it and find this question insulting in its suggestion that you are only just reading it, I apologize. But, if this is your first time reading it, I am by no means wondering why it has taken you this long to discover Huck and Jim. (backing away now)


That color is awesome!

And some shows that I watch in the summer are Psych, White COllar and Franklin and Bash. Love them. Also, my secret show is Big Brother. I'm addicted.


That picture of Keith, classic. LOVE, must pin.


Thanks for the heads up on Project Runway!


Love the nail color! And the craft idea is cute...not that I'm a crafty person or anything :-)

Missy | The Literal Mom

I love shrimp and I love avocado. So I'm pretty sure I'd love this recipe!

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