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Cathy Kennedy

Congrats to your hubs for getting onboard with the newest technology - an iPhone! He'll be hooked in no time!

Yep, yep it's been so hot here in the east with temperatures reaching the 100+ degree mark. I'm so ready for fall to arrive. For the past two nights we've gotten some much needed rain and that has brought a little relief, but I'm still ready for autumn.

Oh gosh, my heart goes out to Jude and his friend's family. That's so super sad! My prayers are with each person this young boy's life has crossed. God bless!

Gotta jet happy random Tuesday thoughts!


Ha, your husband reminds me of mine...too funny!


I remember when I instructed my husband in texting. It was painful but now I hardly hear his voice on the phone. I've created a monster. And yes, some of our sessions look a lot like yours.


Nick has yet to text that way, but he has taken to the whole texting thing like crazy. Of course he has a line into the construction and oil field workers in our great state and he gets all the naughty/nasty picture messages that go around.
So sad about Gus. And so fitting that the flag fell just that way.


So, I thought the bottle was bbq sauce until I read AND SENT MY HUSBAND A TEXT SAYING GET ME SOME OF THIS TODAY.

Glossed over the game because *shudders* numbers *cringes* numbers *gag* numbers.

Font wars, ha! I'm is a nerd.

We saw Brave last weekend. I LOVED the mother/daughter dialogue. It was wonderful. And yes, no prince was refreshing (I will admit to almost expecting there to be an unexpected dashing boy at the end though; so glad that there wasn't). And no, not one of the best Pixar has offered, but I did enjoy it. Glad I read a few reviews beforehand, though and knew not to take Z. Quite a few people w/smaller kids had to leave b/c of the bears. I wish they'd hinted at that in the previews (or, maybe my 2 yr old is just too babyfied).

The flag made me smile because...of course.


BTW, I don't have air either. Well, we do have a few window units, but it's 92 in our house and we still haven't pulled them out. They's heavy. I'm sure we'll cave mid-July but until then, tank tops and drawers, kids. And popsicles.

Sprite's Keeper

Still thinking of sweet Gus all the way over here in Florida..


I'm seriously debating on what to get first-- a computer, or a pair of iPhones. Of course you have to realize that my last computer is over 12 years old, and we're using my Sister-in-law's old PC that must be around 6 years old. But then both my wife and I have Trak-phones which have none of the cool games and you have to text using the number pad on the phone. Oh, the agony...

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