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My best friend's grandmother called hot flashes her private summer. Still makes me giggle. Let us not discuss the super plus PLUS PANTYLINER FOR THE INEVITABLE LEAK. A leak. From a super plus. I am cavernous now? WTH #6 is making me want to say "This is a good place for a Stick-Up!"

Boy, if my coworkers knew about the silly things I say on the internet...

Jan's Sushi Bar

You're the third blogger I've visited today who has posted about this giveaway, which I have little interest in. But, since I love you immensely, to say nothing of this post...I get it. Unfortunately.

Like you, I used to be like clockwork - every 28 days. Boom. Now? Who can tell, but the longer I go between periods, the more apt I am to have become the Wicked Witch of the West. And East. And South, if there is one. Combined. Don't even get me started on the "peeing yourself" bit - while I was in the midst of my bout of pneumonia and coughing my lungs out all day every day, I suffered the indignity of buying Poise's *other* product. You know...for incontinence. *sigh* And while I haven't had the hoo-hoo odor problem...yup. Dry as a bone. KY sucks for that, btw - I suggest Astroglide. Ahem.

My mother, who passed at 51, was in absolute denial she was in menopause until the day she died. I sort of understand why now.


Oh yippee! The things I get to look forward to. I am sitting on the cusp of all this fun stuff right now. Thanks for the "talk". I probably needed to hear it so I don't get odd surprises in the next few years.

My spin is up!


I feel most confident when I'm having a good hair day and I'm dressed in clothing that fits me well.




Yuck. Totally not looking forward to this.

My mom totally never had the talk with me. And I was one of the lucky ones...I was 12, and I had 13 day long periods. Bled through every thing. Painful cramps, double pads...it was awful.

I will be sure to have both talks with Aubrey when appropriate.

Gerry in Missouri

I feel most confident when I first get out of the shower and my hair decides to give me a good hair day.


Do they have a towellette that wipes off the mid-section weight gain? I could eat air and I would still gain weight around the waist. I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago and have been gaining ever since. Oh, and I'm gonna use those moisture thingys, too. Confident? Hasn't happened much lately, to be honest.


I'm 38 and have been experiencing random hot flashes after a lifetime of being perpetually cold and my cycle has decided to take a bit of a vacation. Now, I don't know where to attribute this to peri-menopause because HAI 38 or lingering fall out from a miscarriage last year. And the funny thing is I've been planning on ambushing my mother with The 2nd Talk next week on vacation. (I'm her favorite child. Obviously.)

I'd have to say that I'm at my most confident when I can wear any of my nice stuff since my work attire is polos and khakis. Yay for manufacturing.

And this being a woman thing? Sucks giant hairy donkey balls.


I feel more confident after a good work out and when I feel that my clothing is fitting better.

Sarah at 32Flavors

This sounds scary and awful. And I never got the first talk either.

Let's see...I fell confident when I'm in an outfit I love, and I've had time to do something to my hair and makeup. However, I don't currently own an outfit I love. Which is what I'd do with $250.

Ginny Marie

I feel the most confident when I am teaching, because it's what I do best!

I am slowly inching towards peri-menopause...I need the super-duper-plus-plus tampons! I had hot flashes when I was taking a hormone-suppressant years ago, and I am NOT looking forward to having them again. Cooling gel, here I come!


I wrote a post way back when about menopause. I should dig that up and send it to you. I had the same here today gone tomorrow then WTF you're back again? periods but just to let you know, when they actually stop...awesome! I set fire to my last box of tampons in celebration. JR thought I was crazy but I thought it was an appropriate response. Don't know about the smelly hoo hoo problem, I didn't get that. The peeing thing is a pisser (pun intended).


oh dear. this left me just all too confused. with whom am I to be having this 2nd conversation? What does confidence have to do with menopause? Is anyone confident entering into the hot flash stage of her life? I am with you on the crazy ax murderer kind of blood flow in the menstrual cycle. It doesn't make me feel confident at all, just nervous.

Stacy Uncorked

My sister drew the short straw and has been in pre-menopause for quite a few years now. Something I'm *not* looking forward to - I'm hoping it holds off for another 10 years like it did for my mom. ;) I don't think I'm going to do well with hot flashes. ;)

Oh, and I'm spinning in circles this week:



Well I was thrown in menapause last year after having an hysterectomy...the blessing of never having a period again and being replaced by hot flashes...I can deal with it! I'm now more confident since losing 38 pounds woo hoo!!

Amy @ A Little Nosh

I feel confident when I'm asked a question at work and I actually know the answer. And then I realize...I'm GOOD at what I do!

courtney b

i feel most confident after i work out or do a long run

courtney b




i feel being confident just being my self!


tweet: https://twitter.com/akronugurl/status/228927659420286976 ..

Amanda Sakovitz

I feel most confident after getting my hair cut and colored!

pokergrl8 at gmail.com

Amanda Sakovitz



I feel most confident after getting my hair done

elen150980 at yahoo dot com



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