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I hate swimsuit shopping...you apparently didn't read my episode with spanx! Your visit was better than mine-I sorta got stuck in mine and it took a triathalon to get me out! Here's my spin for this week http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/art-nature-in-emotion/

Ginny Marie

You look great! ;) I just buy my swimsuits online from Land's End. No changing room horrors that way!

My spin is up!


Jan's Sushi Bar

I was thrilled to put on the suit I bought a couple of years ago earlier this summer only to find that it WAS TOO BIG. How often does that happen??

I haven't gone to buy a new one yet, though. I'm no masochist.


I really like the tankini kind--but I had to shop around to find one--JC Penney had some. I really have to think about the hitting the bathroom thing. Don't want it taking too long or inappropriate questions come from little mouths.


OK I burst out laughing at the bikini top getting stuck. Sorry. I'm glad you finally found one. I bought a tankini last year (need stomach coverage and it was the only one I could find at the last minute that also had enough padding in the top to make me appear as though I had more boob than my then 10 yr old). This year I couldn't find the damn top anywhere. I would up wearing a blue/green floral boy short bottom and a red and black top that professional swimmers wear. I think it was a promotional item from Victoria's Secret years ago. It was so tight my chest was even flatter but at least so was my stomach.

I was looking last week and found the perfect one. It was $245. THE HELL? I can't even get past the $80 ones but seriously? $200+?


I like most women of, shall we say middle-years,hate to swimsuit shop. Even those of less ample charms have to find a suit that hoists the girls back into place without the back fat becoming unseemly. don't even get me started on where my butt ends these days. I don't think there is a suit in the world that will put it in its place.


That suit is super cute!

I need a new swimsuit bad. I bought a bikini last year since I was pregnant and my parents had a pool. This year, neither one of those things are here so my old suit is about 2 sizes to big and not cute anymore. But swimsuit shopping terrifies me!


Middle-aged? Gretchen, are you sure that's what we are? Pre-middle aged? Does that sound better? Anyways...lands end pieces (in 2 different sizes of course) work best for me! I went sup sexy today and threw on my son's swim shirt ove my ensemble...so sad that fear of sunburn won out over fashion! Excuse typos...iPad will not let me go back to fix them without having a hissy fit!


I always have and I always will hate swimsuit shopping! Now, I regret not enjoying it when I had my thinner fit more youthful body. I should have appreciated it when I had it, darn it.

Sprite's Keeper

You pull it to the side to pee? I don't think I've ever heard that before!


keep it! it will stretch out

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