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Sprite's Keeper

I find that most kids follow their parents' examples. So I wouldn't worry about Jude. I think it's great that he's more worried about the girls talking his ear off than the commitment ceremony. I've been to a few of those, they are lovely.


I think you handled it great. I agree with Jen, he will follow your lead.


Sounds like you handled it very very well. I'll be having that same talk some day, too. T's uncle is gay, as well as our two closest friends. I'm so excited for them - we'll be going to their wedding in Sept. Of course, Indiana is so backwards...I doubt gay marriage will EVER be legal here. It's sad.


We've had the "that is so gay" talk too. I remember being irritated a few years back when my then 7-yr-old came home asking what gay was. While I had no problem explaining it to her, it was aggravating that the staff where she went to after care was both saying it, and giggling when the kids would repeat it.

I'm sorry his camp was a let-down. We did that a few years back for the girls. The camp's description was phenomenal yet none of the activities ever occurred: a bus didn't come; it was too hot; not enough people had turned in waivers/permission slips. Too many times we found them reading books or watching tv when picked up. Sure, there's nothing wrong w/reading books (and is my oldest's chose pastime anyway), but camp should be movement and activities and fun and not sitting in a corner doing what you could be doing at home for free, not $100.

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