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Everything sounds realistic and GOOD. Well, maybe except for the exercising every single day.


Your summer sounds like fun and relaxing.

Mine sounds like a lot of driving. We just made plans to take a long weekend in NOLA. Nothing says summer like sweltering heat, humidity, beignets, hurricanes and jazz. Then the long drive up to Oregon for "dump the kid at med school". Capped by a lovely drive down the Cali coast and wine.

dumb mom

I lived in LA (sorta, Torrance) for like 16 years and I never went downtown other than to a basketball game more than the one time when my parents took me shopping in the garment district (which was lame by the way). Looks like an interesting place!

Ginny Marie

Sounds good to me! Lily's last day was yesterday, and she got out at 10:30. You should have heard the kids whooping and hollering when that bell rang! It was fun. :D

I have my friend post up! http://www.lemondroppie.com/2012/06/introducing-my-friend-tricia/

Stacy Uncorked

I love the idea of making a list of ideas of things you want to do over the summer - I'm going to have to borrow that. And I love that you have a last day of school tradition, too - I really should have started that sort of tradition with Princess Nagger, she has the unfortunate mode of having to go for only 2 hours on the last day, too. Ah well, maybe next year... ;)

I've been giving Princess Nagger my hand-me-down laptops when I've upgraded (so far twice - which means I'm hanging onto the oldest one to get ready for Little Dude when he's 'old enough' to have it. Sure, it'll be majorly obsolete by then, but he won't care, I'm sure). Very cool you're getting Jude a computer - one of Princess Nagger's all-time favorite things to do is watch funny videos on YouTube. :)

Stacy Uncorked

Oh, and I forgot to mention - check out roblox.com - it's a cool online gaming place for kids, they build their own towns and cities and it's like virtual legos. Princess Nagger will be happy to 'friend' Jude and show him the ropes. ;)

Kimberly at Rubber Chicken Madness

We're having a garage sale this weekend to clear a bunch of clutter, then next week, we're going car shopping. Oy vey! I will have a 16 year old child in 11 days. I. Can't. Handle. This.


I love that you two came up with this plan together. Sounds like a good summer to me!

Jan's Sushi Bar

As an old parent (my oldest is 29 today), I'd like to suggest you keep the computer out in a common area where you can sneak up behind him and see what he's doing from time to time - those parental controls don't always work as well as they should. (The Young One is 17 and his computer is still out in a common area - my rule is "you can have a computer in your room when you're paying for your own place.")


We just gave Turbo our old laptop--an upgrade from the previous old lap top he had. He has been having a blast playing math games on it. He has yet to figure out how to get to You Tube. Once he does we may never see him again. But since the computer sits right inside the door to his room I'm sure we will be able to find him again.
My spin is up, such that it is.


What a great list of fun...however, cleaning the kids' bedrooms and building k'nex projects alone took all summer! Here's my spin http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/when-friends-move-on/


You know I'm loving Jan's Sushi Bar's comment above. Our computer will forever and ever amen remain in the common area. I just don't see the need to be squirreled away in one's room with it (but I am NOT judging anyone who is ok with it; just doesn't work for us). Oh, YouTube. Damn you. Kid can put in Spongebob dancing and by page 3 there are nekked women certainly getting their skanky scurvy groove on. There are filters but they suck.

We don't have much of a plan. The girls are out next Thursday. I'll switch my schedule to 7-3 so that I'm home earlier and I'll be off every other Monday. That Monday will be special where we'll get to spend the day together but outside of that? I got nothin'. They are enrolled in three two-week camps: Making a Musical (this was great last year), swimming, and fashion design for one, cheerleading for the other. They'll spend a week with a friend of mine in NC. I wish with everything within me that I didn't have to work, that I could enjoy the summer with them. Here's to hoping 2013 works that out.

Sprite's Keeper

We're knee deep into summer already and Sprite is enjoying her dance camp, but I still wish I could take a week off here or there just to experience some summer with her. :-)


Great list, and thanks for some ideas! We've been in LA for two years, and I'd never even heard of Angels Flight. I think my kids would love it.

As for June Gloom, we also get May Gray mornings over here in the Glendale/Burbank area. I love when it clears away for the day!


I am definitely down with #1, Nothing!!!!!

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