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Its amazing - there is this guy at my office people think is a pain - and for some reason he likes me and I don't mind him so much either. ;)

Ginny Marie

What a great friendship story! I was trying to get that French accent right as I read. You capture their friendship perfectly, as usual. I love that you already have his first job lined up!

I can't wait to start playing with tagxedo...I'll be on vacation next week, too, so taking a week off is perfect. :D


That's so sweet! Have fun camping!

Jan's Sushi Bar

That was just about the sweetest story I've read in, well, just about forever.

Have fun camping, and I PROMISE I will participate in the next Spin Cycle. Scout's honor. :)


Every kid needs that friendship with a grown up. That person who's not related who makes you feel special.
We have a couple of friends who fill that capacity for our boys and it's wonderful to see the boys light up when they see those friends.

Stacy Uncorked

Awwwww! So sweet! Isn't it funny how there are some people that seem unapproachable or cranky towards everyone but a select few? And those select few realize there's just a big ol' softy under that gruff exterior. :)

Have fun camping! Looking forward to reading all about it! ;)


So funny. Abel is actually really kind to our family as well and often commiserates with us about the ugliness of "the business."

I love that he's so grumpy and has an ice-cream store.

Sprite's Keeper

What a cute story! But I do kinda feel for the little kiddos afraid to ask for samples before purchasing. :-)


Jude has charisma...and at such a tender age...watch out world! I love it when someone is able to break to the good side of someone cranky and bring out the niceness in them. We really are all loveable!


This is so sweet. You know that saying, people come into your life, for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Jude will tell his kids about Abel in 20 years, and maybe he'll still be at the Baskin-Robbins.


That is a sweet story of their friendship. My grandparents had a neighbor that my brother and I would always visit when we went to their house. He would call me Kimberly but still. He took us to get ice cream in his classic car and we loved him. I think sometimes older people just see kids and think about their youth. Or their kids/grandkids.

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