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I LOVE this!

Sarah at 32Flavors

Hahaha! That's fantastic.


Your child is awesome. It truly is sad about music today, isn't it?


This is awesome. And hilarious because most kids are the complete opposite. We have a Doobie Brothers station on Pandora and I told the hubby we should have Leo listen to it so he can experience good music at least a little bit!


Laughing because my kids can sing Motown like nobody's business and they too get tired of the same old new music. We watched the history of Soul Train last weekend and when they heard certain songs that they hear today, but only as samples, it made them sit with their mouths open: So you're saying that's NOT Kanye West's song? And all he does is rap (OK some of it's pretty damn clever) and jump across the stage in tight pants and sunglasses? Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Now be quiet; Jody Watley is talking.

Really laughing at Jude's sudden realization of the non-singing non-instrument players.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I. Love. That. Boy.



WE don't listen to much top 40 here--the station is seriously on repeat and I just can't stand the music, we listen to way more country, but we do pull out the MP3 player and do lots of 80's stuff. Turbo looks at us like we're nuts when we start singing along to the B52s or The Eurhythmics. Or even to the many hair bands we have. Bruiser, however, likes to grove to the beat when the music talks to him.

Ginny Marie

So awesome! All Lily and Emmy want to listen to in the car is Taylor Swift, so I force them to listen to the country station because maybe they'll play a Taylor Swift song. We have listened to her CD waaay too many times!

Here's my music spin:



I do find it amazing when my Stepson pulls out his iPod and starts playing random songs and it's up to my wife and I to guess who it is or sing along.


Seriously the kid knows his music.

Sprite's Keeper

Sprite is being exposed to a lot of the "new music" thanks to dance camp, and she came home singing "Call me Maybe". Sigh, oh well..


So my husband read this and he just said that Jude is his new hero :-)


Here's my spin for the week! http://viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2012/07/lost-and-found.html


Here's my lost and found spin:

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