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Cursing and drinking is pretty freaking sweet :-)


Those are the best things about being "old"!
Here's my Spin for this week http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/chick-a-boom-dont-ya-jes-love-it/


All so true!


Yes to these all esp the swearing and the booze :D

Mo @ The Baby Is Fine

As a fellow LA resident, I can't say I agree with #1! I enjoyed driving as a teen (freedom and all that), but now whenever I get in the car I just want to cry. hehehe ;)


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes please.


Yep being a grown-up is very cool. And it makes a wonderful excuse when little boys question why. Because I'm the grown up and I say so. It's also why TABs are TABs--Tasty ADULT Beverages.

My spin is up!


The only thing I'd change about this list is the driving. I don't enjoy it anymore, don't enjoy car travel at all (it's all that Winnebago's fault for totaling my car in '07). Other than that, your list is my list. Pour me more tequila while saying bad words.

amy mcmean

ohhh I Forgot about saying bad words!


lol Yah, driving and staying up late are my favorites! lol Unfortunately I still have to get up early in the morning so that's a pain!

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