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Love this! I was about to ask if this was Griffith Park, when I first saw the photo. Haven't hiked around the sign yet, but keep meaning to. We go to the Observatory now and then, and it looks like there are some wonderful trails nearby.

Think how fit you'll get this summer!


I was beginning to think you were superwoman with all the trudging/hiking. I imagine that you'll figure out a balance with it all -- and be sustained by the fact that little Jude will soon be big Jude and on to different stuff. You'll look back and be glad that you did these things with your boy -- but only if you take breaks and balance out your own needs.


Listen to me: big talker.


You are a trooper to trudge along with his hikes! As Elizabeth said above, he will too soon grow up and be on to other things, usually without mom, so treasure these moments!

dumb mom

I don't like trudging either. I've started trudging quickly though (some people call it jogging, my version is more hurry up walking) with my oldest son, and as much as I detest that activity, I'm enjoying the time to do it with him. Now, if I could just get up my stamina so he wasn't running 8 feet ahead of me the whole time!


I'm betting your sacrifices to your comfort and interests started about eight years ago, not now when you've worked on your trudging skills.

What won't we do for our kids?


You're one awesome mom to do that!

Jan's Sushi Bar

I understand completely - I do plenty of begrudged hiking with Beloved. Although, I have to say this doesn't bode well for Camp Mama this year, does it?


I camp. Not because I particularly like to go spend time away from modern conveniences like toilets and showers, but because I live with lots of guys and they like spending time in the great outdoors.
They have made concessions to me--we have a very nice camper and we don't do epic week long trips (at least not yet).
The things we do for those boy people.

My spin is up:


Camp Mama sounds like it will be a whole lotta' trudging. Good luck.

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